Ja­son Mo­moa is Aqua­man

SFX - - Aquaman - James White

We’ve met Arthur in Jus­tice League. What new as­pect will we see here?

ev­ery­thing. you see his mother and fa­ther and him be­ing a child and grow­ing up and then be­ing sep­a­rated from his mother. He’s not ac­cepted. if you’ve been told your whole life that you’re this cho­sen one, and then you’re treated as a half-breed and a piece of crap, you re­volt against ev­ery­thing. then, you get to see that man who is alone open up, and he has a lot to of­fer the world, and the world needs his beauty.

What is the scope of his re­la­tion­ship with Am­ber Heard’s Mera?

We get to show each other our dif­fer­ent worlds, so she gets to see what’s beau­ti­ful on the sur­face and he gets to see what’s beau­ti­ful un­der­neath, and that it’s worth sav­ing both worlds.

How was the wire­work for the wa­ter se­quences?

if there’s a se­quel, i can’t wait to re-think all the ways we’re go­ing to change the har­nesses! We’ve got so many ideas. it re­ally does wear you out, too, and you can freeze when you get hosed down with wa­ter. thank good­ness we shot in Aus­tralia!

Did you en­joy the stunt work?

Aqua­man is the hard­est movie i’ve done in my life, phys­i­cally, and i had two stunt dou­bles. Both of them got hurt, and so did i. the sheer amount of stunts and ac­tion in this was in­sane. you’re fight­ing in a 40-pound suit, and by the end you’re in a soup of you... And i don’t like my soup!

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