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JADZIA DAX In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, DS9 sci­ence of­fi­cer Jadzia Dax car­ries the mem­o­ries of the seven pre­vi­ous hosts of the worm-like sym­biont that lives in­side her. When Jadzia dies, the sym­biont’s passed on to new crew mem­ber Ezri.

THE JAFFA While Star­gate: SG1’s Goa’uld take ev­ery­thing from their hosts, their lar­vae give hu­man in­cu­ba­tors the Jaffa more con­trol. In re­turn for pro­vid­ing a place to grow, the host gets ex­tra strength and a longer life.

ME­LANIE AND WANDERER In one of those in­sid­i­ous alien in­va­sions where the vis­i­tors pos­sess the hu­man race, the “Souls” in Stephe­nie Meyer’s The Host usu­ally erase their host’s per­son­al­ity. But Me­lanie Stry­der’s self con­tin­ues to shine through af­ter be­ing as­sim­i­lated by “Wanderer” – and the pair be­come un­likely BFFs.

YIVO/OUR UNI­VERSE Why set­tle for bond­ing with a sin­gle crea­ture when you can have an en­tire uni­verse? In Fu­tu­rama spe­cial “The Beast With A Bil­lion Backs”, lonely Yivo, a be­ing from a di­men­sion where it was the only liv­ing thing, shares its ten­ta­cles with all of us – which, frankly, is just a bit icky. Richard Ed­wards

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