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Lost In Space cre­ator Ir­win Allen was be­hind a num­ber of other fondly re­mem­bered shows, like this one.

Set in 1968, The Time Tun­nel is the story of two sci­en­tists at a gov­ern­ment time travel project. Threat­ened with its clo­sure, Doug Phillips and Tony New­man head into the “time tun­nel” them­selves. At each lo­ca­tion vis­ited, project di­rec­tor Kirk and the other sci­en­tists back at the con­trol room can ob­serve them, send oc­ca­sional aid and ul­ti­mately jump them back into the tun­nel – but re­main un­able to re­turn them back to the present.

There’s a very Quan­tum Leap feel, as Tony and Doug at­tempt to sur­vive and help those around them. It quickly be­comes tir­ing, though. De­spite sev­eral in­ter­est­ing con­ceits (aliens at­tempt to in­vade in our past; traitors en­coun­tered in the fu­ture turn up in the present; his­tor­i­cal fig­ures are trans­ported them­selves), it of­ten feels for­mu­laic. And though the show’s vi­su­als start promis­ingly – the cred­its have a Saul Bass feel, and the open­ing shots of the com­plex are stun­ning – it be­comes an overly fa­mil­iar com­bi­na­tion of stock footage and Cal­i­for­nian land­scape.

A show with po­ten­tial, so it’s a shame it only ran for one sea­son (30 episodes), but it’s far from an es­sen­tial part of TV his­tory to visit.

Ex­tras The orig­i­nal un­aired pilot (53 min­utes); the un­aired pilot for a 2002 re­boot (49 min­utes); Time Trav­el­ers, a 1976 Ir­win Allen TV movie writ­ten by Rod Ser­ling (72 min­utes); four cast in­ter­views (28 min­utes); home movie footage shot dur­ing the mak­ing of the pilot (52 min­utes, no au­dio); a cam­era test of the time tun­nel ef­fects; TV/ra­dio ads; gal­leries of stills, merch, comic art and sto­ry­boards. Rhian Drinkwa­ter

De­spite in­ter­est­ing con­ceits, it’s for­mu­laic

Keep ’em peeled watch­ing the pilot and you may spot Den­nis Hop­per in the back­ground as a pas­sen­ger on the ti­tanic.

The pho­tog­ra­pher had for­got­ten to zip his fly back up.

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