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Cre­ated by writer Mort Weisinger and artist Paul nor­ris, Aqua­man de­buted in More Fun Comics #73 in no­vem­ber 1941. the same is­sue also in­tro­duced green Ar­row to the world.

Aqua­man’s look took time to evolve. Nor­ris re­called edi­tor Whit­ney Ellsworth had “done a sketch of a guy, a lit­tle car­toon char­ac­ter with a big ci­gar in his mouth and fins on his feet.”

He wasn’t the first un­der­sea su­per­hero – DC’s arch ri­val timely Comics (later Mar­vel) had in­tro­duced the Sub-Mariner in 1939. Other su­per­pow­ered types bring­ing jus­tice to the oceans in­cluded the Shark, the Fin and Hy­dro­man.

Aqua­man didn’t ap­pear on a comic book cover un­til 1960 – 19 years af­ter his de­but.

1956 saw the in­tro­duc­tion of pur­ple oc­to­pus side­kick topo. Aqua­man’s also been known to hang with tusky the wal­rus, Porpy the por­poise and su­per­sized sea­horse stal­lion Storm.

Aqua­man’s toon de­but came in 1967’s The Su­per­man-Aqua­man Hour. His first live-ac­tion in­car­na­tion was Alan Ritch­son in Smal­lville. 2006 TV pilot Mercy Reef – star­ring Justin Hart­ley – was dashed on the rocks.

An Aqua­man movie be­came a run­ning gag in En­tourage. Directed by James Cameron it winds up as the most suc­cess­ful film ever made. “Jim Cameron was jok­ing around say­ing ‘We should re­ally do this thing!’” pro­ducer Mark Wahlberg re­called.

The Mus­ke­teers’ San­ti­ago Cabr­era was set to be the real world’s first big-screen Aqua­man, cast in Ge­orge Miller’s great un­made mo-cap take on Jus­tice League.

in comic book lore Arthur Curry can leap up to six miles and swim at up to 10,000 ft per sec­ond. He’s also gifted with su­per­hu­man strength, sonar hear­ing and eyes that can pen­e­trate ocean dark­ness. His tele­pathic link with ma­rine life ex­tends to seag­ulls – al­ways handy for a strate­gic shit-blitz against evil­do­ers.

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