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SFX - - First Contact - Dame­tokill­for, Twit­ter

I’ve tried for years to get into Doc­tor Who and never man­aged. Jodie Whit­taker is the first one who’s ac­tu­ally grabbed me. I’m so ex­cited to fi­nally be able to say, “That’s my Doc­tor.”

John Ruther­ford, Face­book

“The Girl Who Fell To Earth” wasn’t the best, but we needed to get to know the char­ac­ters, so I can for­give it. I’m ex­cited by the po­ten­tial. My 12-year-old said, “The Doc­tor suits girl.” I agree

Thomas Huart­son, email

Jodie Whit­taker has nailed the role. Her en­ergy pow­ers the story, and the chem­istry with her new com­pan­ions is ev­ery­thing it should be. And the crit­i­cism that Bradley Walsh’s sub­dued per­for­mance has re­ceived is un­fair. It’s re­al­is­tic given that Gra­ham’s a for­mer can­cer pa­tient in re­mis­sion – I’ve looked af­ter enough to know.

Mick Trezise, Face­book

It felt like a cheap US se­rial with too much un­nec­es­sary ex­pla­na­tion ev­ery few min­utes. It was also too much of a Preda­tor clone.

Alan Wilkin­son, Twit­ter

Grace’s death was hor­ren­dously pre­dictable (Kill the Spare) and her funeral made for an odd way to (al­most) end Jodie’s new fu­ture. Oh, and if you’ve just stuck five mi­cro-bombs in some­one, you shouldn’t get to com­plain when some­one else kicks him off a crane…

Philip Wain, Face­book

Did any­one no­tice how the Doc­tor talked about how it felt to re­gen­er­ate? Is this a gen­der dif­fer­ence: the new Doc­tor talk­ing about her feel­ings? Strikes me as a fe­male strength. I don’t know if this is de­lib­er­ate on be­half of the writ­ers, but I’m keen to see how this de­vel­ops.

Rikki Bate­man, Face­book

It felt like it’d been writ­ten by a com­mit­tee ad­her­ing to an in­clu­siv­ity check­list. Shame – sto­ry­telling seems to have taken a back seat.

Fiona Cross­ley, Face­book

One mis­take is that no one drives from the Peak Dis­trict to Bra­mall Lane via the Tins­ley viaduct.

Ali B, Twit­ter

Jodie Whit­taker was amaz­ing! But they have to be care­ful – Gra­ham called her “love”. I know that’s an English term, but if the Doc­tor was a man he wouldn’t have said that?!

SFX To be fair, the per­son who called peo­ple “love” most in episode one is Gra­ham’s wife, Grace. It’s kind of a north­ern thing.

Craig Hen­der­son, Face­book

The as­sas­sin ro­bots [in “The Ghost Mon­u­ment”] were even more in­ac­cu­rate than Stormtroop­ers, and the two rac­ing aliens looked dis­ap­point­ingly hu­man. Come on, Beeb! Pump some cash into alien de­signs and pros­thet­ics, please. We’re pay­ing for this shit!

Ben Daw­son, Face­book

I worry we’re see­ing phase two of the Ca­paldi Syn­drome that plagued Peter’s first se­ries, where bad writ­ing’s mak­ing the prod­uct weak – and in this case dull and de­press­ing. Can­cer re­mis­sion, dead rel­a­tives, four-year-old boys break­ing bones be­cause their mother moved out of the way in a trust ex­er­cise... This is

Doc­tor Who, a fam­ily show on a Sun­day evening. It’s not Gotham or Game Of Thrones! They need to make it a lot lighter.

Nikk Eff­in­g­ham, email

One hour is only enough time for two peo­ple to get air­time: the Doc­tor and her com­pan­ion. By hav­ing mul­ti­ple com­pan­ions they end up char­ac­terised by a fea­ture rather than de­vel­op­ing a full-blown per­son­al­ity: Dyspraxia View­point Guy, Slightly Younger Vic­tor Mel­drew, and Not Sure Of Your Pur­pose Po­lice Of­fi­cer. They’re crowd­ing the story at the ex­pense of the nar­ra­tive.

Rob Perry, Face­book

When­ever there’s been a change in pro­duc­tion team in the past it’s rein­vig­o­rated the show. I got none of that from the first two episodes. Rus­sell T Davies and Steven Mof­fat put their stamp on the show, grabbed hold of it and took it down some risky roads. The big­gest risk this pro­duc­tion team have taken is cast­ing a woman – which has had no ef­fect on the for­mat. Maybe the new team are play­ing it safe while they set­tle in. Maybe Chib­nall will de­velop a voice of his own. I hope so, be­cause the show feels like a cheap knock-off of the RTD era.

PartTimeCrazy, Twit­ter

Can some­one get rid of the cats knock­ing over the bins dur­ing the theme tune?

Paul Mor­ris, Face­book

The cus­tard cream dis­pens­ing ma­chine is a gim­mick too far!

David Mckee, Face­book

The vis­ual ef­fects are a mas­sive step for­ward. Down­side: the TARDIS in­te­rior looks like the ex­te­rior is tacked on.

SFX It does look a bit like the TARDIS now has a porch, doesn’t it? I’m ex­pect­ing it to be full of junk mail and shoes by the end of the sea­son.

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