(EzRa miLLER)

SFX - - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald -

MILLER There are cer­tain el­e­ments of grow­ing agency, in the sense that now Cre­dence knows what he is, to some ex­tent. But I think the idea in the first film was that he had re­pressed his own magic to such an ex­tent that he was un­aware of it. And you had Grindel­wald, in the guise of Graves, sort of ma­nip­u­lat­ing what aware­ness re­mained of the magic that was in­side of him, and of­fer­ing him a chance to join a world in which he would be ac­cepted. So now, Cre­dence has this aware­ness, but that in­cludes all of the blood on his hands, and the aware­ness now in­cludes his com­plete lack of a sense of self. His mis­sion in this film is to try to fig­ure out who he is.

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