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Mon­day, Septem­ber 18 Yard­ing 24 989 (1409), com­pris­ing lambs

17 928 (1860) and sheep 7061 (-451) Lamb num­bers lifted to nearly 18 000 head, with sup­plies boosted by a cou­ple of big drafts of Dor­pers and young Meri­nos sent down from Ivan­hoe in NSW.

The main runs of lo­cally bred young lambs pre­sented in very good or­der, although there wasn’t as much weight in the top pens com­pared to a week ago.

The mar­ket re­mained solid, with prices track­ing a few dol­lars ei­ther side of last week on the good trade-weight and ex­port lambs.

The mar­ket did show a cor­rec­tion of $5 to $6/head on the plainer bred and fin­ished young lambs around 18-20 kg cwt, with interest from store buy­ers still at low lev­els.

Prices reached a top of $184 for heavy young lambs es­ti­mated at 28 kg cwt, and it was just one of three sales over $180/head.

This was fol­lowed by about 20 pens at $170 to $178/head for lambs es­ti­mated near 26-27 kg cwt.

The main runs of heavy trade-weight lambs sold from $142 to $170, and lighter do­mes­tic types with good fin­ish from $130 to $140/head.

On a car­case ba­sis there was still a spread of 570¢ to about 620¢ across slaugh­ter lambs, with the best trade-weights com­mand­ing over 590¢/kg cwt.

Plain light lambs un­der 20 kg cwt sold from $100 to $120/head to record some of the lower car­case price av­er­ages of the sale as they fell out­side most pro­ces­sor spec­i­fi­ca­tions and store de­mand was lim­ited.

Some lambs did sell to Bal­larat and Shep­par­ton re­stock­ers at up to $114/head.

The big line of Dor­pers from the north made from $76 to $96 and the run of young Meri­nos with a lot of seed in the pelts from $55 to $99/head.

Sheep num­bers again topped at 7000, with the yard­ing dom­i­nated by re­cently shorn cross­bred and Merino ewes.

Not all reg­u­lar buy­ers fol­lowed the sale and prices were gen­er­ally $4 to $6/head eas­ier, with big­ger cor­rec­tions for some heavy first-cross ewes seen late in the sale as the mar­ket fluc­tu­ated. Hold­ing their value the best were the lean trade-weight Meri­nos.

In dol­lar per head terms the gen­eral run of mut­ton ranged from $80 to $110, with ex­tra­heavy cross­bred ewes out to $132/head.

Re­stock­ers stepped in and pur­chased a run of first-cross ewes at re­duced prices due to the draft be­ing in a with­hold pe­riod which re­stricted pro­ces­sor sup­port.

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