how do i felt my work?

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Be­fore you felt a fab­ric, al­ways make a note of the yarn and hook you used, and its mea­sure­ments. Then record ex­actly how you felt the fab­ric: the wa­ter tem­per­a­ture, soap used, how long it washed for, hand or ma­chine method, etc. This is all so that you can re­pro­duce the re­sults an­other time. Now you’re ready to have some fun!

You can felt your fab­ric by hand or in your wash­ing ma­chine, so try both meth­ods and see which one you pre­fer. Felting by hand will in­volve more time and ef­fort but it does give you much more con­trol over the size and tex­ture of the re­sult­ing fab­ric.

To felt by hand, fill a bowl with wa­ter that’s as hot as you can stand and add a lit­tle soap, such as hand soap. Pro­tect your hands with rub­ber gloves, then immerse your cro­chet fab­ric in the wa­ter. Leave it for around ten min­utes for the heat to take ef­fect and then get rub­bing! Keep go­ing un­til the fi­bres mat to­gether and the piece is the size you want. This might take 30 min­utes or more, but the key is to just be pa­tient.

To felt in the ma­chine, place your cro­chet fab­ric in a mesh bag or pinned-up pil­low­case so it won’t es­cape. Place in­side your ma­chine and add a cou­ple of old tow­els or a pair of jeans to in­crease the ag­i­ta­tion. Set it to a 40°C wash, but with­out the rinse or spin. If you can, check on the progress of your piece after 10 min­utes. Keep putting it back in the ma­chine for two min­utes at a time un­til you’re happy with the size.

Once it’s felted to your sat­is­fac­tion, rinse in cold wa­ter to ‘set’ the fi­bres. Place onto a folded up towel and roll up to squeeze out the ex­cess wa­ter – don’t wring or your item may be­come mis­shapen. Block the piece if needed and leave it to dry.

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