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Felting is an an­cient way of cre­at­ing fab­ric and many of us dis­cover it by ac­ci­dent when wash­ing a woollen make on the wrong set­ting! Too hot or too vig­or­ous a wash and a man-size jumper can shrink to child size. But as cro­cheters, we can har­ness wool’s ea­ger­ness to felt to cre­ate items such as slip­pers, bags and bowls, all ben­e­fit­ting from the dense, warm, and hard-wear­ing qual­i­ties of felt.

Just cro­chet your item us­ing 100% wool yarn, then wash it in hot wa­ter with soap and some ag­i­ta­tion – the fi­bres will mag­i­cally mat to­gether into felt and the item will shrink. Want to know the sci­ence be­hind this? The wool fi­bres in your yarn have cu­ti­cles run­ning along the length, which open up when they are placed in hot wa­ter. Soap adds lu­bri­ca­tion, al­low­ing the fi­bres to run over each other more eas­ily, while the ag­i­ta­tion en­cour­ages the fi­bres to get closer and mat to­gether.

This process is more ac­cu­rately called fulling, but felting is the um­brella term that tends to be used. Read on and we’ll ex­plain ex­actly what to do to start your own felting jour­ney.

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