Our es­sen­tial guide to cro­chet slang. By Becca Parker.

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Any cro­cheter worth their salt needs to know their WIPs from their CALs and how to use them. Con­fused al­ready? Fear not. Here’s our fool­proof run- down of the top cro­chet slang and phrases you might en­counter at a stitch night, on­line or here in

Sim­ply Cro­chet. Think of it as your hooky cheat sheet. You’ll be flu­ent in no time.

CAL !ACRO­NYM" Cro­chet-along. When crafters are in­vited to com­plete the same pat­tern, some­times within a spec­i­fied time pe­riod, of­ten stage by stage. It’s a good chal­lenge and fos­ters fuzzy feel­ings of com­mu­nity among par­tic­i­pants. Psst! Check our Pick ‘n’ Mix blan­ket CAL on p30. C2C !AB­BRE­VI­A­TION" Cor­ner-to- cor­ner – an easy-peasy di­ag­o­nal cro­chet tech­nique. DESTASH !VERB" Sort­ing your stash in or­der to swap, sell, do­nate or dis­card un­wanted yarns.

FROG !VERB" Frog­ging is the act of un­do­ing your cro­chet, so- called be­cause you ‘rip-it, rip-it’ like the ono­matopoeic frog’s ‘rib­bit rib­bit’ sound. E.g. I went wrong in the first round so I’m frog­ging it. FO !ACRO­NYM" Fin­ished Ob­ject. You may see UFO (Un­fin­ished Ob­ject). E.g. So proud of my lat­est FO! HOTH !ACRO­NYM" Hot Off The Hook LYS !ACRO­NYM" Lo­cal Yarn Store

STASH !NOUN" This is the name given to your ever- grow­ing col­lec­tion of yarn and/or craft sup­plies. E.g. Use any yel­low DK from your stash.

STASH­BUST­ING !NOUN" The prac­tice of in­ten­tion­ally mak­ing things us­ing yarn from your stash in an at­tempt to tame it. Be­ware, this can be­come a lengthy en­deav­our, de­pend­ing on the mag­ni­tude of said yarn stash. SABLE !ACRO­NYM" Stash Ac­cu­mu­la­tion Be­yond Life Ex­pectancy. The strug­gle is real. TREBLEMAKER !NOUN" A term given to gutsy cro­cheters. It’s a play on the word trou­ble­maker and can be used in­ter­change­ably with hook­ster or, if you’re feel­ing ex­tra cheeky, hooker. E.g. Join our on­line com­mu­nity by shar­ing your Sim­ply Cro­chet makes with our hash­tag #SCtre­ble­maker. WIP !ACRO­NYM" Work-in-progress

YARN BOMB !VERB" The act of dec­o­rat­ing public places with cro­chet or knit­ting, some­times covertly. This art form is also known as yarn graffiti or yarn storm­ing. No­table yarn bombers in­clude Deadly Knit­shade and Olek.

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