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Filet cro­chet is based on a sim­ple mesh, with the fab­ric made up of tre­ble stitches sep­a­rated by chains. The mesh can be formed with ei­ther 1 chain or 2 chains be­tween the tre­bles.

The mesh forms squares and while you’re work­ing, you can ei­ther leave the squares open by work­ing chains be­tween the tre­bles (these are called spa­ces) or you can fill in the squares by work­ing more tre­bles (these are called blocks). You can use the com­bi­na­tion of spa­ces and blocks to form pat­terns, im­ages and let­ter­ing. Re­mem­ber that ad­ja­cent squares share the outer tre­bles of the filet mesh.

Many filet cro­chet pat­terns use a chart (as be­low) rather than fully writ­ten- out text in­struc­tions, where empty squares rep­re­sent spa­ces and dot­ted squares rep­re­sent blocks. This saves space and makes filet pat­terns re­ally easy to fol­low, what­ever your lan­guage, and much sim­pler to work for left-handed cro­cheters.

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