Cro­chet es­sen­tials

Over the next few pages, you’ll nd sim­ple step-by-step guides to many use­ful stitches and tech­niques that you’ll use ev­ery time you pick up a hook.

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HOLD­ING THE HOOK Try these meth­ods and see which works best.

PEN­CIL METHOD Hold the hook like a pen­cil, in your right hand (if you’re right-handed), about 3-5cm from the hooked end. If your hook has a flat area, you’ll find it com­fort­able to hold it here. KNIFE METHOD Hold the hook be­tween your thumb and fore­fin­ger, about 3-5cm from the hooked end, rest­ing the end of the hook against your palm. This will give you lots of con­trol.

HOLD­ING THE YARN Even tension re­sults in even stitches.

METHOD ONE Pass the ball end of the yarn be­tween the lit­tle fin­ger and third fin­gers of your left hand (if you are right-handed), then be­hind the third and mid­dle fin­gers, over your in­dex fin­ger. METHOD TWO Loop the ball end of the yarn loosely around the lit­tle fin­ger of your left hand, then take it over the third fin­ger, be­hind the mid­dle fin­ger and over your in­dex fin­ger.

MAK­ING A SLIPKNOT The first loop on the hook.

1 Hold the tail of the ball of yarn in your left hand and drape the yarn clock­wise over the top of it to form a cir­cu­lar loop.

2 Hold the loop be­tween left thumb and fore­fin­ger, then insert the cro­chet hook through the cen­tre of the loop from front to back.

3 Catch the ball end of the yarn with the hook and pull it back through the cen­tre of the loop, tak­ing the yarn through with it.

4 Pull both ends of the yarn to tighten the knot, then pull just the ball end to tighten the loop so it’s close to the hook, but not touch­ing it.

CHAIN STITCH Use this stitch to make your foun­da­tion chain.

1 Hold the hook in your right hand, and both the yarn end and the work­ing yarn in your left hand. Move the hook un­der and over the yarn to wrap it around an­ti­clock­wise.

2 Pull the hook to­wards the slipknot, catch­ing the yarn in the hook, and pulling it through the slipknot loop. This forms your first chain (ch) stitch. Re­peat steps 1 and 2 to form a chain length.

3 This is what your row of chains will look like. Hold the chain with your left hand near the hook, to keep the tension. Keep go­ing un­til you have the num­ber of chains that’s stated in your pat­tern.

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