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Edgings are a great way to fin­ish any fab­ric, whether it’s crocheted, knit­ted or wo­ven. First you need to pre­pare the fab­ric – this means weav­ing in ends and block­ing a cro­chet fab­ric. With a wo­ven fab­ric, you need to hem or fin­ish the edges so they won’t fray and work blan­ket stitches along the edge to cre­ate loops that you can cro­chet into (see im­age be­low). We’ve cov­ered this tech­nique in is­sue 16 of

Sim­ply Cro­chet, or find our tu­to­rial at www.sim­ply­cro­chet­ Next, you need to work a base row of plain cro­chet stitches be­fore the edg­ing pat­tern – we used dou­ble cro­chet stitches (see im­age be­low) but you can use the same tech­niques with longer stitches to make the edg­ing wider, if de­sired. Take a match­ing or con­trast­ing yarn and join at the start of the fab­ric edge. Make the turn­ing chain and work stitches along the edge – your pat­tern might tell you how many to work, or you can use a pre-worked ten­sion swatch to guide you, or you can judge it by eye. How­ever, you’ll need to make sure you work the right mul­ti­ple of stitches for your edg­ing pat­tern re­peat. Read on to find out how to do this.

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