Use your new skills to make Becky Skuse’s granny square bag in warm colours – why not make it for Mum?

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De­signer Becky Skuse says: “In­spired by the beau­ti­ful colours of sun­sets , this sim­ple granny square bag project is a re­lax­ing treat for dark evenings. I used a su­per-soft yarn with a lovely two-tone shade ef­fect, which is a joy to hook up. Each square starts with a cir­cu­lar sun shape that’s then turned into a square, like the sun meet­ing the hori­zon. The squares of­fer the per­fect op­por­tu­nity to prac­tise in­vis­i­ble joins and stand­ing stitches, al­though stan­dard in­struc­tions are in­cluded as well. There are also var­i­ous op­tions for the strap so you can cre­ate a bag as in­di­vid­ual as every sun­set.”


Please re­fer to the Work­shop fea­ture on the pre­vi­ous pages for in­struc­tions on in­vis­i­ble joins and stand­ing sts. The bag is made up of 13 Mo­tifs: Rounds 1-3 will use Yarn A, Yarn B and Yarn C in any or­der. You should change the or­der of the colours and make two in each pos­si­ble com­bi­na­tion and a fi­nal in which­ever colour com­bi­na­tion you like best. The fi­nal round of each Mo­tif will be made with Yarn D. Re­fer to the di­a­gram be­low when con­struct­ing the Bag.


Us­ing Yarn A, B or C, make a magic loop.

Round 1 (RS) Ch4 (counts as dtr through­out), 15dtr into loop, in­vis­i­ble join. [16 dtr]

Fas­ten off.

Round 2 (RS) Us­ing Yarn A, B or C, work a stand­ing tr into any stitch, tr in same st, 2tr in each st around, in­vis­i­ble join. [32 tr]

Fas­ten off.

Round 3 Us­ing Yarn A, B, or C, work a stand­ing tr into any stitch, *(2tr, dtr, ch1, dtr, 2tr) in next st (cor­ner made), tr in next st, htr in next 2 sts, dc in next st, htr in next 2 sts, tr in next st; repeat from * three more times omit­ting last tr, in­vis­i­ble join.

[24 tr, 8 dtr, 4 ch-1 sps, 16 htr, 4 dc]

Fas­ten off.

Round 4 Us­ing Yarn D, work a stand­ing htr into any ch-1 sp, (htr, ch1, 2htr) in same ch-1 sp, *htr in each st to next ch-1 sp, (2htr, ch1, 2htr) in next ch-1 sp; repeat from * twice more, htr in each st to fi­nal ch-1 sp, in­vis­i­ble join. [68 htr, 4 ch-1 sps]

Fas­ten off and weave in ends.


Ar­range your Square Mo­tifs as shown in the di­a­gram and join them to­gether us­ing your pre­ferred method. Lay the Lin­ing ma­te­rial over the joined Mo­tifs, mark out the shape and cut out.

Re­fer­ring back to the di­a­gram, fold along the dot­ted lines so that the 2 point As meet and the 2 point Bs meet. Join the sides to­gether in the same way you joined your Mo­tifs, work­ing from the cen­tre fold to point A on one side or point B on the other side.

Sew the lin­ing into the bag leav­ing a 1cm gap along the top of the bag. You can use the im­age as a guide.


Re­fer­ring to the di­a­gram, work a tab to con­nect the Bag Straps; the po­si­tion has been la­belled ‘Strap’.

With RS fac­ing, lo­cate the ch-1 sp in the cor­ner of the Square Mo­tif and count back two stitches, join Yarn D here us­ing a ss.

Row 1 Ch2, tr in next st (counts as tr2­tog), 3htr into ch-1 sp, tr2­tog over next 2 sts, turn. [5 sts]

Rows 2-3 Ch2 (counts as htr), htr in next 4 sts, turn. [5 sts]

Fas­ten off, leav­ing a long tail.

Fold the tab over a D-ring and use the long tail to sew the tab to it­self on the in­side of the bag.

Repeat Rows 1-3 on the three Strap points that re­main.

Take your length of bind­ing, cut into two pieces, in­sert one end of the first piece into one D-ring and fold it back on it­self by ap­prox 3cm. Sew into place. At­tach the other end of the same strap to the D-ring on the same side of the bag.

Repeat with the other strap length with the D-rings on the other side of the bag.

For a pro­fes­sional look, and to add strength, sew in a lin­ing to your granny square bag

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