A great all-rounder, use it to cast on stitches quickly and eas­ily.

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1 Make a slip­knot and place it on a nee­dle, leav­ing a long tail. The length de­pends on the num­ber of stitches you wish to cast on. Try a length about 3 times the width of the project.

2 Hold the tail in your left hand with your thumb stick­ing up. Make a cir­cle anti-clock­wise with your thumb. You should end up with a cross on the front of your thumb.

3 Push the nee­dle tip along the out­side of your thumb so it passes through the loop. Wrap the work­ing yarn as if to knit.

4 Draw the yarn through the thumb loop and then be­tween the arms of the cross. Slip your thumb out and pull to tighten the stitch. Re­peat from step 2.

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