Use it for a firm edge, and when adding stitches in your work.

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1 Make a slip knot. In­sert right-hand nee­dle into the stitch as if to knit. Wrap the yarn around the point and pull through, slip­ping the stitch on to the left-hand nee­dle.

2 Push the point of the right-hand nee­dle be­tween the first and sec­ond stitches. Wrap the yarn anti-clock­wise round the point of the right-hand nee­dle.

3 Pull the loop out with the right-hand nee­dle, then slip it over the tip of the left-hand nee­dle.

4 Re­peat steps 2 & 3 un­til you have the num­ber of stitches you re­quire.

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