Simply Knitting - - Lace Cardigan -

Sl1pw to RH nee­dle and take yarn to the front be­tween nee­dles. *Slip the next stitch purl­wise and pass the pre­vi­ous slipped stitch over it. Re­peat from * un­til you have cast off 4 sts. Slip re­main­ing st on RH nee­dle to LH nee­dle and turn work. With yarn at the back, cable cast on 5 sts to LH nee­dle. Be­fore plac­ing the last stitch on the LH nee­dle bring the yarn to the front be­tween the nee­dles, then place the stitch on the LH nee­dle and turn the work. Slip the first stitch on LH nee­dle knit­wise and pass the last cast- on stitch over it. The but­ton­hole is now com­plete and the to­tal stitch count has not been al­tered. Con­tinue to end of row as pat­tern states. Sew on but­tons op­po­site but­ton­holes. Weave in all loose ends.

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