Sea­side coat hang­ers

Add a lit­tle jaun­ti­ness to your wardrobe with Ann Franklin’s nau­ti­cal-themed coat hanger cov­ers.

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Give that strappy sum­mer dress a pretty coat hanger to sit on with Ann Franklin’s easy-to-knit project. Per­fect for gift­ing at Christ­mas and for birth­days, they bring a touch of lux­ury to your wardrobe and help pro­tect del­i­cate straps and lux­u­ri­ous fab­rics from un­wanted pulls and creases. Note This coat hanger has a charted an­chor. The an­chor should be knit­ted us­ing the intarsia method (a sep­a­rate ball of yarn for each sec­tion of colour). If you pre­fer, the an­chor can be added af­ter the coat hanger has been knit­ted us­ing Swiss darn­ing (du­pli­cate stitch).


Cast on 99 sts us­ing 4mm nee­dles and Yarn A.

Row 1 (RS) *K1, P1; rep from * to the last st, K1.

Row 2 *P1, K1; rep from * to the last st, P1.

Row 3 Knit.

Row 4 Purl.

Do not break Yarn A, but join in Yarn B. From this point work in stripes of 2 rows B, 2 rows A, be­gin­ning with Yarn B. Do not break off the un­used yarn, but carry it loosely up the sides of the work.

Be­gin­ning with Yarn B and a knit row, work 10 rows in st st.**

Keep­ing the stripe pat­tern cor­rect, work as fol­lows:

Row 15 Cast off 1 st, knit to end.

[1 st dec]

Row 16 Cast off 1 st, purl to end.

[1 st dec]

Rep Rows 15 and 16 three more times. [91 sts]

Rows 23–26 Cast off 3 sts at the be­gin­ning of the next 4 rows. [79 sts] Rows 27–32 Cast off 7 sts at the be­gin­ning of the next 6 rows. [37 sts] Rows 33–34 Cast off 4 sts at the be­gin­ning of the next 2 rows. [29 sts] Rows 35–42 Cast off 1st at the be­gin­ning of the next 8 rows. [21 sts]

Rows 43–46 Cast off 4 sts at the be­gin­ning of the next 4 rows. [5 sts]

Cast off re­main­ing 5 sts.


Us­ing Yarn A only, work ex­actly as for the Back to **.


Shape as for the Back through­out, plac­ing the Chart over the cen­tral stitches as folls:

Row 1 (RS) K37, work Row 1 of Chart, K37.

Row 2 P37, work Row 2 of Chart, P37. Note You may find it help­ful to place a marker ei­ther side of the 25 Chart sts. Con­tinue as set, work­ing Rows 3–23 of Chart and shap­ing sides as for Back.


1 Sew the top cast off/shaped sec­tions to­gether with right sides fac­ing, leav­ing a small hole at the cen­tre top for the hook of the hanger to go through.

2 Place the cover over the hanger, then over­sew the two cast on edges to­gether. 3 Mark even spa­ces for five dec­o­ra­tive but­tons to be placed along the ribbed sec­tion.

4 Sew five white but­tons on the an­chor side and five blue but­tons on the striped side. The but­tons should lie di­rectly

MEET OUR DE­SIGNER Ann Franklin “I wanted these coat hang­ers to have a sea­side theme to bring some hol­i­day spirit into your wardrobe all year round! The pat­terns are in­spired by a tradi onal sailor’s uni­form.” DK Sir­dar’s Cot­ton is sturdy, hard­wear­ing...

Mea­sure and mark up where you need your but­tons to be for a su­per-smart fin­ish.

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