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Ok, it’s o cial. I hate heat­waves. And it’s be­cause I love knit­ting. I spent the sum­mer des­per­ate for one thing, not a good night’s sleep (no mean feat with a four month old in a heat­wave), not a great tan, not even ice cream (although that came a close sec­ond), all I wanted was to wear a chunky knit cardi­gan.


I took a cardi­gan with me ev­ery­where dur­ing those hot months. I never ac­tu­ally had to put it on, but I needed to have it with me, just in case. It’s not just the act of knit­ting that makes me feel safe when times get tough, it’s also wear­ing knitwear. If I get home from a rough day, first thing I want to do is put on a snug­gly ca­ble cardi­gan. There re­ally is no feel­ing like slip­ping your arms past soft stitches and feel­ing the yarn cud­dle your body in home­made love­li­ness.


My yearn­ing for yarn this sum­mer also seemed to a ect my knit­ting choices. I was knit­ting not one, but two over-sized and su­per-snug­gly ca­ble knit cardi­gans, one for me and one for my stupidly tall hus­band – it's tak­ing for­ever, but I’m nearly done. I was also on the hunt for a baby ca­ble cardi­gan, prefer­ably with a shawl col­lar, for my son. I have am­bi­tions for a sick­en­ingly cute, home-knit­ted fam­ily Christ­mas card (please don’t judge me). Mak­ing all these big knits meant I often had a heap of yarn on my lap, so my the­ory was, if I’m go­ing to be cov­ered in wool dur­ing the hottest sum­mer since 1976, it had bet­ter be a good wool!


With the di cul­ties of new moth­er­hood and the pesky hot weather I turned to a lit­tle bit of lux­ury to get me through. I’m nor­mally a bud­get yarn kind of gal, I’ve only ever knit­ted one jumper with a re­ally nice yarn, a pow­der blue merino which was a gift from my hus­band. Last Christ­mas my mum bought me vouch­ers for a great yarn shop in Pon­ty­clun, just out­side Cardi , called Am­monite Yarns. I’d in­tended to get for­est green yarn for a win­ter cardi­gan but when I fi­nally got around to re­claim­ing my vouch­ers, I saw the Fi­landa Dia­mante yarn in shade 040 and fell in love. It’s a ruby red colour with an amaz­ing pur­ple glim­mer thread run­ning through it. I teamed it with the Style­craft pat­tern 9554, a cosy ca­ble de­sign with squishy Ir­ish moss stitch bor­ders. It’s turn­ing into a real show stop­per! And on the days when the boil­ing weather got too much for me (most days) I could pick up my beau­ti­ful cardi­gan and get ex­cited about the time I’d be able to wear it, hope­fully in the cold, cold weather to come.


How­ever, while the weather stub­bornly re­mained so stead­fastly hot I did try to knit some more sum­mery de­signs. I may have taken the mother earth thing a bit too far and knit­ted about ten flower crowns in a whole range of colours. I now have a knit­ted flower crown to go with ev­ery sin­gle out­fit I could ever put to­gether. When I re­alised I’d gone a bit far by knit­ting so many I put some on Etsy to see what hap­pened. Turns out no one loves flower crowns quite as much as I do! Oh well, re­gard­less of pour­ing rain, freez­ing days and win­ter hats, I shall have flow­ers in my hair wher­ever I go! Got a story to tell? Tell us about your knit­ting world by con­tact­ing us at the ad­dresses on page 28.

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