Simply Knitting - - Christmas Wreath -


Join the side seam.

Fold the Wreath in half over the wreath ring and sew the cast-on and cast-off edges to­gether.


1 Join the side seam from the B&T stitches, leav­ing a small sec­tion near the cast-on edge to al­low for turn­ing and stuff­ing.

2 Turn the Baubles to the right side and stuff. Close the gap in the side seam, and then sew a run­ning thread through the cast-on sts, pulling this thread up tightly to close the end.

3 Sew the Baubles to the bot­tom half of the Wreath, stag­ger­ing the Large Baubles, and sewing them in a se­quence of the three colours. Sew the Smaller Baubles ran­domly be­tween the Larger Baubles.


1 Fold 6 Flags over the elas­tic cord and sew the fronts to the backs. 2 On the RS, at­tach the elas­tic cord to one in­ner edge of the Wreath just above the level of the Baubles. Slide the Flags along the cord un­til all six are in a row, us­ing im­age as a guide.

3 At­tach the other end of the cord to the same point on the other side of the wreath ring.

4 On the WS, knot the cord to the front line of cord, be­tween pairs of Flags, and then at the end where the be­gin­ning of the cord is joined. Make sure this rear length of cord is fairly taut, as the fig­ures will be held in place by this cord.

5 Fold over and over­sew the seam of the 2 re­main­ing Flags. Sew both Flags to the wreath ring, next to the Bunting, on ei­ther side. 6 Us­ing Yarn B, sew a small loop for hang­ing the Wreath at the cen­tre-top. The three fig­ures are made to fit in­side the Wreath; how­ever, they can also be used separately as Christ­mas tree dec­o­ra­tions.

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