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Q I’m knit­ting a jumper and the pat­tern is ask­ing me to cast on some stitches at the end of a row. How do you do this cor­rectly? Pre­vi­ously I’ve just been wing­ing it, but I’m sure I’m not do­ing it the right way. Can you help? Michelle Clarke, Northamp­ton Cast­ing on at the end of your work is a very use­ful tech­nique for shap­ing your knit­ting, for ex­am­ple, un­der the arms on a top-down jumper. The sim­plest way to do this is with a ca­ble cast on. If you find you are get­ting a hole or gap at the start of the newly cast-on sec­tion, try cast­ing on an ex­tra stitch and knit­ting them both to­gether to pull the fab­ric of your knit­ting tight enough to hide your un­wanted hole.

Cast­ing on stitches at the end of a row is a use­ful skill to learn for shap­ing many knit de­signs. Try it with this great cardi is from is­sue 146

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