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It’s al­ways great see­ing what you’ve been knit­ting for those in need. You’re all such a char­i­ta­ble bunch, keep up the good work!

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I’ve been knit­ting jumpers for lambs on farms here in Aus­tralia, as we’re hav­ing a drought. I’ve also been knit­ting Twid­dlemu s. So many things are knit­ted and cro­cheted in the two groups that I’m in, here in Oz. Baby bean­ies are go­ing to a nearby am­bu­lance sta­tion on Thurs­day, as more ba­bies are be­ing born en route to hos­pi­tal. The para­medic I spoke to re­ally got the pur­pose of the Twid­dlemu s, which I came across in your mag­a­zine a few years ago. Stephe­nie Milne, Aus­tralia, via Face­book


Here are my in­no­cent smoothie hats for The Big Knit, for Age UK. I have joined in twice so far and made quite a lot (not all in this photo). Also, these are two of the baby hats I knit­ted for our lo­cal hos­pi­tal and some knit­ted pop­pies – I put money in a Royal British Le­gion char­ity box when I’d fin­ished them. Heather Smith, via Face­book


I knit hats and bootees for my lo­cal Spe­cial Care Baby Unit (SCBU). I knit un­til the box is full and then I do­nate it. Re­becca Dukes, via Face­book

What sweet jumpers, Stephe­nie! Those lit­tle lambs will be kept warm and cosy in those

What a bril­liant idea – that’s go­ing to be a lot of lit­tle hats and bootees. Keep it up, Re­becca!

Twid­dlemu s are so use­ful, this is such an im­pres­sive one!

Knit­ting pop­pies and do­nat­ing money is such a bril­liant idea!

That’s a lot of mini hats, Heather! We can’t be­lieve you’ve knit­ted even more than we can see here…

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