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You’ll see this method in com­mer­cially made socks. It isn’t as hard-wear­ing as the flap and gusset heel and can re­sult in some holes, but it’s quick to knit and its shal­low heel is re­mark­ably good for those with flat feet. Got a high arch? Then the flap and gusset heel will prob­a­bly be bet­ter for you. Like the flap method, a short-row heel will al­ter the colour flow of a var­ie­gated or self-strip­ing sock yarn, so if you don’t like that look, try us­ing a con­trast yarn for your heel and toe. See the bot­tom-right heel on page 51 for an ex­am­ple of what this heel will look like.

1 & 2 As with the flap heel turn, the short row heel is worked over half the stitches in your round. Knit to one stitch be­fore the half­way point in your round, wrap and turn* (see right).

3 Purl back to one stitch be­fore the be­gin­ning of your round, wrap the next stitch and turn.

Re­peat Steps 1 to 3, work­ing one stitch fewer in each short row, to cre­ate a se­ries of wrapped stitches at ei­ther end of the heel. When you have about a third of your heel stitches still un­wrapped you will start to work longer rows again, be­gin­ning with a right side row.

4 On your first longer row, knit to the first avail­able wrapped stitch, knit the wrap and the stitch to­gether, and wrap and turn the fol­low­ing stitch. This stitch will now have two wraps on it. Turn, re­peat the last step, work­ing a purl row.

5 & 6 Re­peat Steps 4 to 5, work­ing one more stitch in each short row, and en­sur­ing that when you pick up wraps to work them to­gether with their wrapped stitch, that you are pick­ing up BOTH wraps, not just one.

Even­tu­ally you will get to the point where there are just two short rows left. To get a neat fin­ish work the knit row as nor­mal, but then con­tinue the round, work­ing what would have been the purl row from the right side, and work­ing the stitches to­gether through the back loops. This is the eas­i­est way to avoid holes where the short rows fin­ish.

*wrap & turn slip next stitch from LH nee­dle to RH nee­dle, take yarn be­tween nee­dles to other side of work, slip st back to LH nee­dle, take yarn be­tween nee­dles to its start­ing point, then turn. Next row, knit or purl the wrapped stitch to­gether with the strand wrap­ping around it. TOP TIP Work your stitches a lit­tle tighter over these short rows to re­duce the chance of get­ting holes. When work­ing your wrapped stitches to­gether, use the right-hand nee­dle to lift the wraps on knit rows from front to back onto the left-hand nee­dle and knit them to­gether with the wrapped stitch. When work­ing purl rows, use the right-hand nee­dle to lift the wraps from back to front onto the left-hand nee­dle and purl them to­gether with the wrapped stitch.

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