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QI’ve been hear­ing talk in my knit and nat­ter group about weav­ing in your ends as you go, and I can’t quite work out what they are do­ing. Can you ex­plain it to me?

An­nie D, via email

Peo­ple talk most about weav­ing or knit­ting in the ends when they are do­ing colour­work. This is be­cause as you change colour you cre­ate an­other end which needs to be ti­died away. By far the best way to deal with this flood of ends is to knit them in as you go. To do this insert your nee­dle in the next stitch, wrap your ends around the nee­dle, wrap your work­ing yarn around the nee­dle and take the ends o your nee­dle be­fore you pull the yarn through the stitch.

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