Simply Knitting - - Angel Tea Cosy -

Cast on 42 sts us­ing 4mm nee­dles and Yarn C. Start­ing with a knit row; work in st st for 30 rows. ** Leave the sts on a spare nee­dle. Make a sec­ond main cosy part in the same way to **. Work­ing in Yarn C, work through the in­struc­tions for Tea Cosy Top and fin­ish the Lin­ing in the same way as you did for the main cosy. 1 With the Front and Back RS to­gether, sew ap­prox 8cm from the fin­ish­ing off point, down the side seam to­wards the cast-on edge. Make the other side match.

2 At the bot­tom of each side seam, sew about 1cm up­wards. 3 Leave the Lin­ing with the RS to­gether but open it out to find the drawn-up part, where the end of the yarn was threaded through the rem sts. Push the Lin­ing in­side the main tea cosy part lin­ing up the

drawn-up parts of both and lin­ing up the seams, pin­ning as you go. 4 The spout and han­dle open­ings in the main cosy and the Lin­ing should line up, pin them to­gether. With a length of Yarn C, and an in­vis­i­ble stitch or mat­tress stitch, sew around the spout and han­dle open­ings. Don’t pull the yarn too tightly.

5 The cast-on edge of the Lin­ing should rest on the last row of Yarn A. Pin this edge to the main cosy. Sew the cast-on edge into place, slightly stretch­ing the knit­ting as you go.

6 Put this part of the tea cosy onto the teapot, it’s eas­ier to sew things into place when the tea cosy is on a teapot.

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