How Quan­tum Dot Works

What Is Quan­tum Dot?

SmartHouse - - FIRST LOOK - Writ­ten by Fer­gus Hal­l­i­day

Quan­tum Dot sounds like the tech­nol­ogy of the fu­ture be­cause it is. In­te­grat­ing unique and lab-de­signed nanocrys­tals into the trusted-and-true LED panel de­signs that Sam­sung have ex­celled at for decades. They’re stack­ing to­gether old and new in­no­va­tions and push­ing main­stream LED LCD tech­nol­ogy some­where it’s never gone be­fore. While each shard mea­sures smaller than 1/10,000 a sin­gle strand of hu­man hair, they de­liver im­pres­sive re­sults much more vi­brant what you can get out of an or­di­nary LED LCD TV. Rather than fil­ter the light gen­er­ated by the dis­play’s back­light into the tra­di­tional RBG colour spec­trum, they add their own light to the mix and aug­ment the pos­si­bil­i­ties of the re­sult­ing colour gamut. When light is run through the quan­tum dot crys­tals, they pro­duce ul­tra-vi­brant ver­sions of the pri­mary colours - red, blue and green.

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