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As SUM­MER com­mits to AUSTIN, he sur­prises JACK with an of­fer to di­vorce Sum­mer and let her go if he goes to pri­son for shoot­ing PAUL. Seek­ing legal ad­vice in­stead, Jack later an­nounces to the cou­ple that he’s go­ing to have a judge legally an­nul their mar­riage. An out­raged Sum­mer an­nounces that she’s mar­ry­ing Austin in church in­stead! Jack re­tal­i­ates by get­ting an ar­rest war­rant to re­strain her.

As NIKKI and PAUL ad­just to the idea of hav­ing DY­LAN as a bi­o­log­i­cal son, IAN serves Nikki with law­suit pa­pers, in­tend­ing to pun­ish her for lead­ing him to be­lieve he fa­thered her child. A shat­tered Nikki con­sid­ers hav­ing an al­co­holic drink.

Un­der strict in­struc­tions from IAN to in­gra­ti­ate her­self with SHARON, MARIAH ma­nip­u­lates Sharon and a re­luc­tant NICK into let­ting her live with them. When Sharon gets the feel­ing she needs to help SUM­MER, it leads to Sharon hav­ing mem­ory flashes




SHARON of A spy­ing is an­gered to see the pas­sion be­tween and who later make love, while at­tacks Chelsea for bed­ding her hus­band.

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