Koen is shocked when he grabs Kora’s arm and is sent fly­ing by a jolt of power.


Ten­sion is run­ning high in the city where un­ex­plained vi­o­lent at­tacks have been blamed on a species called Hairypeo­ple. Pushed to the fringes of so­ci­ety in a ghetto-type com­mu­nity known as The Zone, which has been walled off by the gov­ern­ment, they are for­bid­den to leave. Only hu­mans may come and go by show­ing their IDs.

Koen (Hunter PageLochard) and Blair (Ryan Corr) have been tak­ing ad­van­tage of the Con­tain­ment Author­ity’s des­per­ate at­tempts to stop any Hairies from liv­ing in the city. They smug­gle a fam­ily out of The Zone and into a city apart­ment. Af­ter pay­ment, they leave and later dob in the fam­ily to the Author­ity so that they can claim their re­ward.

Footage of the vi­o­lent re­trieval of the Hairy fam­ily is broad­cast across tele­vi­sion, hor­ri­fy­ing Waruu (Rob Collins) who be­lieves that once his Un­cle Jimmy’s (Jack Charles) Cleverman pow­ers have been passed on he can help bring peace to The Zone and end peo­ple smug­gling. But it is Koen who gets a visit from Jimmy and af­ter be­ing given a spe­cial club known as a nulla nulla, Jimmy sac­ri­fices him­self. The pow­ers do not go as ex­pected to Waruu but to his es­tranged half-brother Koen.

An­other vi­o­lent at­tack is blamed on the Hairies as Koen seeks out his Aunty Linda (Deb­o­rah Mailman) in The Zone for an­swers.

Re­al­is­ing Koen is the Cleverman she won­ders what im­pact this will have on her son Waruu who has been wait­ing for the day he would step into the aus­pi­cious role.

Later Koen shows off his power to his friends who marvel at his in­cred­i­ble self­heal­ing abil­ity. But a voice in Koen’s head leads him to a mys­te­ri­ous lab where he makes a dar­ing at­tempt to res­cue a woman who seems to be some­thing mag­i­cal.

While Waruu’s raid of the Con­tain­ment cen­tre goes hor­ri­bly wrong, Koen and his friends Blair and Ash (Stef Daw­son) try to work out who and what the mystery woman is. Nam­ing her Kora (Alexis Lane), Koen is shocked when he grabs her arm and is sent fly­ing by a jolt of power.

Wealthy busi­ness­man Jar­rod Slade (Iain Glen) re­sumes his ef­forts to con­tinue the work he started with Jimmy by finding the new Cleverman. As­sum­ing it’s Waruu, he heads into The Zone but is re­jected by the an­ar­chist be­fore re­al­is­ing that the pow­ers have gone to some­one else. He ap­proaches Koen with a lu­cra­tive of­fer to join forces. Koen must de­cide whether to join the charis­matic Slade or con­tinue his in­cred­i­ble new jour­ney alone.

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