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Mar­ried life has been one big, un­cer­tain roller-coaster of emo­tions for St­effy ever since Liam re­turned from cap­tiv­ity just as she was hon­ey­moon­ing with his brother Wy­att. De­spite the in­evitable pull she still feels for Liam, St­effy re­mains com­mit­ted to her mar­riage even though she knows Liam won’t give up with­out a fight.

St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) thinks that the match­ing wed­ding band tat­toos she and Wy­att (Darin Brooks) have just had done will be enough for Liam (Scott Clifton) to per­ma­nently aban­don his quest to win back her af­fec­tions. Un­sure of his next move, she con­fides her angst in Bill (Don Di­a­mont) who ad­vises his new daugh­ter-in-law to hold tight to the val­ues that the tat­too sym­bol­ises, her unswerv­ing com­mit­ment to Wy­att.

Quite sim­ply, she can’t think about Liam any more. It’s eas­ier said than done for St­effy, though, prompt­ing Bill to warn her that he will not tol­er­ate his sons do­ing bat­tle over her.

Bill’s sen­ti­ment is ob­vi­ously shared by Wy­att who takes um­brage at Liam’s in­sis­tence that his fo­cus in life is on St­effy. In­stead of over­re­act­ing, Wy­att treads gen­tly, ac­knowl­edg­ing his re­gret at what his mother did to Liam but sug­gest­ing that Liam will get past it and find some­one else to love be­cause St­effy has moved on.

Up­set at the ad­vice, Liam rants that “St­effy and I were robbed” and bit­terly de­clares that it will take more than a wed­ding-band tat­too for him to stop fight­ing for her. He will not let the un­fair ad­van­tage that Quinn (Rena Sofer) gave Wy­att gov­ern his in­ten­tions.

Mak­ing good on that prom­ise, Liam cor­rals St­effy into a pri­vate talk. Declar­ing that “I al­most lost my­self and I don’t want to lose you,” Liam in­sists that he won’t ac­cept the false pre­tences un­der which she mar­ried Wy­att.

St­effy is flab­ber­gasted when Liam asks her to “leave Wy­att. Get the tat­too re­moved. Come home to me.”

Rat­tled by the no­tion of throw­ing her life with Wy­att into chaos, St­effy can’t com­pre­hend the fact the Liam wants her to erase the re­cent past in the blink of an eye.

She’s un­able to com­mit, prompt­ing Liam to chal­lenge her to re­veal her true feel­ings. Fi­nally, St­effy an­nounces that she’s stay­ing with Wy­att and can’t han­dle any prob­lems be­tween Liam and her hus­band. De­feated, Liam prom­ises to try to ac­cept the de­ci­sion.

Later, Wy­att of­fers his brother more ad­vice. Sug­gest­ing that “you and St­effy were never go­ing to hap­pen”, Wy­att chal­lenges him to con­sider rec­on­cil­i­a­tion with ei­ther Hope or Ivy (Ash­leigh Brewer). It’s a thought that Liam can’t even con­tem­plate. For now he just has to learn to live with­out St­effy.

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