Se­duc­tion scam

Neil and Nikki de­vise the ‘per­fect’ so­lu­tion to rec­on­cile Devon and Hilary but it could cost them the re­la­tion­ships they value most

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Neil sug­gests to Nikki that they fake an af­fair so that Hilary will seek com­fort with Devon.

✽ Since his ex­po­sure as Hilary’s kid­nap­per, Neil’s only thought has been to reunite her with Devon and make amends for the de­struc­tion that he caused in their lives and mar­riage. With Hilary still suf­fer­ing from am­ne­sia and the af­ter-ef­fects of Dr Si­mon Neville’s ex­per­i­men­tal med­i­cal pro­to­cols, she has no in­ter­est in Devon. In­stead, she be­lieves she’s pas­sion­ately in love with Neil and wants a life with him.

To con­vince Hilary (Mishael Mor­gan) that she’s truly in love with Devon (Bry­ton James) and needs to rec­on­cile their mar­riage for ev­ery­one’s sakes, Neil (Kristoff St John) pre­pares to take dras­tic mea­sures. En­list­ing his good friend Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) help, Neil sug­gests that they fake an af­fair so that Hilary will seek com­fort with Devon and hope­fully re­mem­ber her love for him.

De­spite agree­ing, Nikki warns Neil that they’re play­ing a dan­ger­ous game, one that could cost them dearly. Nikki could lose her mar­riage to Vic­tor (Eric Brae­den) and Neil’s re­la­tion­ship with Hilary and Devon could be ir­re­triev­ably shat­tered too.

Nev­er­the­less, Neil’s de­ter­mi­na­tion over­rides all thought for the con­se­quences as he takes ad­van­tage of Hilary wit­ness­ing the friendly kiss that he and Nikki pre­vi­ously shared on New Year’s Eve.

He sends Nikki a text mes­sage ask­ing her to meet for a pas­sion­ate tryst in an Ath­letic Club suite. Nikki lets Hilary see the mes­sage but un­der­es­ti­mates the depth of Hilary’s jeal­ousy when Hilary lures a re­luc­tant Neil away from the ren­dezvous on the pre­text of a busi­ness cri­sis. De­spite his best ef­forts to re­sist, Neil gives in to temp­ta­tion when Hilary starts se­duc­ing him and they end up hav­ing sex. Af­ter­wards, Neil re­grets that it’s hap­pened and ve­he­mently in­sists to a protest­ing Hilary that he’s in love with Nikki.

Un­known to the lovers, the ram­i­fi­ca­tions of their sex­ual in­ter­lude are al­ready be­ing felt. Af­ter walk­ing in un­seen and spy­ing his fa­ther and wife mak­ing love, a shat­tered Devon ex­plodes over the be­trayal, be­liev­ing that Neil has stabbed him in the back af­ter let­ting him be­lieve that he was work­ing to save his mar­riage.

Fi­nally con­fronting Neil, Devon dis­owns his fa­ther. Mean­while, Vic­tor has found ev­i­dence of Neil and Nikki’s fake trysts and openly ac­cuses Nikki of hav­ing an af­fair.

She de­nies it but is pleased by Vic­tor’s jeal­ousy and urges Neil to con­tinue the ruse. He’s re­luc­tant, not want­ing to make an en­emy of her hus­band.

How­ever, it’s Hilary who en­dures the worst dan­ger from the fall­out of Neil and Nikki’s mis­guided trick. Learn­ing that Hilary de­lib­er­ately se­duced Neil to keep him away from Nikki, an out­raged Lily (Chris­tel Khalil) at­tacks her for break­ing Devon’s heart.

Con­fronted by Lily’s ac­cu­sa­tion that “she’s the same bitch she al­ways was”, Hilary protests that she loves Neil and has made it clear to Devon that their mis­taken mar­riage is over.

Spit­ting that Hilary is a liar, Lily screams that Hilary has de­stroyed Neil and Devon’s fa­ther-son re­la­tion­ship. She says she wishes that Hilary had been killed when she plunged off the cliff in the is­lands all those months ago!

HILArY NIKKI Neil (Kristoff St John) re­luc­tantly gives in to temp­ta­tion when Nikki starts se­duc­ing him. But will he re­gret it later?

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