JUNE 20-24

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Af­ter ar­gu­ing with SASHA about her steal­ing ZENDE from NI­COLE and the fact that he’s keep­ing her ex­is­tence as his daugh­ter a se­cret, JULIUS sup­ports Ni­cole’s idea to or­der Sasha to leave town so Ni­cole and Zende have a chance to rec­on­cile. How­ever, Sasha hits out at Ni­cole’s sug­ges­tion that she leaves and an­grily drops the bomb­shell that she’s Ni­cole’s half-sis­ter. Sur­pris­ingly, a shocked Ni­cole even­tu­ally reaches out to Sasha, sens­ing her pain over Julius’s re­jec­tion. Ni­cole con­fronts her fa­ther and is hor­ri­fied by his re­quest to keep the news se­cret from VIVI­ENNE. Later, Julius tries to run Sasha out of town but is in­ter­rupted by Ni­cole who orders him to tell her mother the truth. Cor­nered, Julius fi­nally dev­as­tates his wife with his in­fi­delity and se­cret daugh­ter, leav­ing Vivi­enne to feel that her en­tire life has been shat­tered.

Dis­cov­er­ing ev­i­dence that RIDGE was at the scene of DR WOLIN’s fa­tal hit-and-run, a shaken KATIE ac­cuses Ridge of killing the doc­tor to keep DOU­GLAS’s true pa­ter­nity a se­cret. Deny­ing it, Ridge lies that he and CARO­LINE used donor sperm to con­ceive Dou­glas. Pla­cated for a mo­ment, Katie is soon rocked to the core when she re­lays the con­ver­sa­tion to Caro­line who mis­tak­enly be­lieves Ridge told Katie the en­tire truth and con­firms for Katie that Thomas fa­thered her baby.


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