JULY 11-15

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JULIUS de­mands that SASHA break up with ZENDE so he and Ni­cole can rec­on­cile but an in­fu­ri­ated Sasha stuns her fa­ther by re­veal­ing her preg­nancy. Out­raged, Julius ac­cuses her of fak­ing the preg­nancy to trap Zende. A cal­cu­lat­ing Sasha sug­gests that she and Julius join forces to get back into the good graces of Zende and the Avants. Mean­while, NI­COLE and Zende for­mally reunite but Ni­cole is shat­tered by the news of Sasha’s preg­nancy.

Dis­gusted to find BROOKE hid­ing un­der the bed, KATIE ex­plodes with ac­cu­sa­tions that Brooke was se­duc­ing BILL when she in­ter­rupted them. Af­ter or­der­ing Brooke out of her house, Katie locks her­self in a room with a wine bot­tle, se­ri­ously tempted to drink.

LIAM must de­cide whether to press charges against QUINN or set her free, prompt­ing WY­ATT to im­plore his brother to have mercy on his mother. Quinn thinks her fate has been sealed when Liam re­tains JUSTIN as his lawyer.

Liam asks Bill to sup­port his at­tempt to win back ST­EFFY’s af­fec­tions and RIDGE to­tally flab­ber­gasts THOMAS when he re­it­er­ates Thomas’s role in the baby’s life, adding that he has big plans for Thomas at For­rester Cre­ations.


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