JULY 4-8

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Gen­tly re­spect­ing THOMAS’s feel­ings about the baby, CARO­LINE per­suades him to act as DOU­GLAS’s brother and let RIDGE be his fa­ther. Thomas re­flects on what he’s los­ing as Caro­line takes Dou­glas home. At the man­sion, Ridge rages at Thomas ab­duct­ing the baby and growls to Caro­line that Thomas must never re­veal the baby’s pa­ter­nity.

Barg­ing into the beach house, a delu­sional QUINN harasses ST­EFFY to help con­vince WY­ATT and LIAM to for­give her sins. St­effy is hor­ri­fied when Quinn ad­mits she loves Liam and se­cretly alerts Wy­att and Liam, who call the cops. Soon, Quinn is ar­rested and hauled away, rant­ing that she loves Liam. At the po­lice sta­tion, Quinn resigns her­self to go­ing to prison.

NI­COLE goes into labour and is rushed to hospi­tal while a dis­tracted ZENDE hangs out with Sasha try­ing not to think about Ni­cole. Soon, Ni­cole gives birth to a baby girl, un­aware that Zende has ar­rived and is se­cretly watch­ing the mo­men­tous event. Af­ter the ex­cite­ment dies down, Zende pri­vately vis­its Ni­cole to tell her he was there. They end up shar­ing a ten­der kiss, Ni­cole hop­ing that they are re­unit­ing. Zende re­turns home and is about to dump Sasha when she drops the bomb­shell that she’s preg­nant! He strug­gles to com­pre­hend how it could hap­pen when he wore pro­tec­tion ev­ery time and the con­doms never broke. Sasha cries that it’s true but Zende walks out on her to re­turn to Ni­cole.

WY­ATT urges LIAM to ac­cept that he’ll never be with ST­EFFY and BROOKE finds her­self trapped un­der BILL and KATIE’s ’s bed as they’re start­ing to make love.

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