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The most su­per of su­per­foods is a firm favourite of Mi­randa Kerr’s and so chock-a-block with nu­tri­tious vi­ta­min C and vi­ta­min E that a hand­ful has the same amount of an­tiox­i­dants as two and a quar­ter cups of broc­coli. In ad­di­tion to help­ing pre­vent can­cer and heart dis­ease as well as boost­ing your mem­ory, blue­ber­ries also help your skin to fight the dam­age caused by stress, sun and pol­lu­tion.

Snack at­tack: Com­bine blue­ber­ries with a small tub of nat­u­ral yo­ghurt for a cal­cium and an­tiox­i­dant boost that ben­e­fits both bones and skin.

top tip: If fresh berries are too ex­pen­sive, buy frozen and take out the quan­tity you need a few hours be­fore to de­frost. Place on a plate with a pa­per towel to soak up ex­tra mois­ture.

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