Piper and Xan­the are deter­mined to have a fan­tas­tic time at their school for­mal. But there are ob­sta­cles, es­pe­cially par­ents.

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Erins­bor­ough High is buzzing in the lead-up to the school for­mal and for two Ram­say Street teens it could be the best night of their lives or one of the worst. But be­fore they can get dressed up there are af­fairs of the heart to con­tend with as Piper and Xan­the do ev­ery­thing they can to make their dreams come true.

For Piper (Mavournee Hazel) it’s all about Tyler (Travis Burns). The older man she has fallen in love with is wary of start­ing a re­la­tion­ship be­cause of their age dif­fer­ence and her par­ents’ dis­ap­proval. When Tyler tells Piper he’ll only agree to a re­la­tion­ship if her par­ents Brad (Kip Gam­blin) and Terese (Re­bekah El­maloglou) give the okay she makes it her mis­sion to get them to say yes even if it means re­sort­ing to lies and ma­nip­u­la­tion.

Fi­nally bit­ing the bul­let, Piper asks Terese if she can be with Tyler. Af­ter she refuses, Piper tries Brad, who says it’s all right if Terese says yes. Let­ting her hopes de­lude her Piper be­lieves Terese will even­tu­ally give in so she lies to Tyler about Brad’s re­sponse and sug­gests they keep their re­la­tion­ship se­cret un­til Terese comes around to the idea.

As Piper and Tyler strug­gle to take things slow, Piper lets him know about her plans to sleep with him on the night of the dance. But when Piper asks Terese if Tyler can be her date for the for­mal and gets an­other no, Piper is fi­nally hon­est with Tyler, leav­ing him dis­ap­pointed and an­gry.

Af­ter ex­press­ing his re­gret to Brad over the way the re­la­tion­ship has been han­dled he de­cides it’s way too com­pli­cated and breaks up with Piper. How­ever Terese ends up hav­ing a change of heart be­cause of Tyler’s re­ac­tion when Piper pub­licly hu­mil­i­ates her. Hav­ing apol­o­gised for their re­la­tion­ship caus­ing so much trou­ble, Terese gives the green light for Tyler to take Piper to the for­mal.

Though it takes some con­vinc­ing and ac­tu­ally wit­ness­ing Terese give her per­mis­sion, Tyler agrees to be Piper’s date. But when Terese stum­bles across the pri­vate video Piper made for Tyler and over­hears Piper’s in­ten­tion to go all the way it threat­ens to ruin Piper’s ro­man­tic plans.

Mean­while Xan­the is on the search for a date to the for­mal and af­ter Ben (Felix Mallard) turns her down her fa­ther Gary (Damien Richard­son) pays him to take Xan­the. She is thrilled and plan­ning ev­ery de­tail of the night takes over her life to the point where it dis­rupts her school­work.

Gary con­tin­ues his ef­forts to ap­pease his daugh­ter by of­fer­ing to buy her a dress. Lit­tle does he know Xan­the’s dream dress is a whop­ping $600 and far out of reach for the cash-strapped dad. So the teen takes mat­ters into her own hands, shock­ing Gary and Sheila (Co­lette Mann) when she comes in with the stun­ning gown.

She tells them the dress is a cheap copy given to her for free in re­turn for so­cial me­dia ex­po­sure though the truth is she plans to wear it with the tags on and get a re­fund the next day. The plan could go off with­out a hitch but with so many lies and schemes at play for both Xan­the and Piper the night of their lives could be­come one they’d rather for­get.

NEIGH­BOURS WEEKNIGHTS AT Tyler (Travis Burns) and Piper (Mavournee Hazel) get closer. 6.30PM ON ELEVEN

Xan­the (Lilly Van der Meer) is go­ing to the for­mal with Ben.

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