Joan pre­pares to bring Bea down for good in a vi­cious power strug­gle set to change all the rules, on Went­worth.

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Joan Fer­gu­son has been dan­ger­ously spread­ing her poi­son, un­der­min­ing Bea at ev­ery turn.

There is some­thing sin­is­ter brew­ing at Went­worth Cor­rec­tional Cen­tre, and it all re­volves around an in­tense strug­gle for power. In up­com­ing episodes of Went­worth, the women are be­ing torn in ev­ery di­rec­tion as the fight for ul­ti­mate con­trol moves into top gear. At the vor­tex of all the chaos is just one per­son — Joan Fer­gu­son.

Ex­actly as Bea Smith (Danielle Cor­mack) warned the women when the for­mer gov­er­nor was first re­leased into the main prison, Fer­gu­son (Pamela Rabe) is not to be trusted and will stop at noth­ing to en­sure the bal­ance of power within the prison al­ways re­mains in her favour.

Joan Fer­gu­son has been dan­ger­ously spread­ing her poi­son, un­der­min­ing Bea at ev­ery turn and drag­ging both Kaz (Tammy Mac­In­tosh) and Doreen (Sha­reena Clan­ton) closer into her sphere. What has been un­think­able is that a sig­nif­i­cant pro­por­tion of the women, who once lived in fear when Fer­gu­son was in charge, are now her keen­est sup­port­ers.

Which is why the con­trol­ling, psy­cho­pathic Fer­gu­son knows now is the time to make her ul­ti­mate move to get rid of Bea. She de­cides that with Bea out of the way, she can fi­nally have the prison run­ning the way she deems fit.

But this is far more than just about the run­ning of the prison. Fer­gu­son is ac­tu­ally ter­ri­fied of the power that Bea has over her with some se­cret in­for­ma­tion she knows and is pre­pared to use in Fer­gu­son’s up­com­ing trial.

The crimes Bea knows about Fer­gu­son could well put the gov­er­nor away for­ever. When Bea is asked to tes­tify against Fer­gu­son, she has no hes­i­ta­tion in agree­ing. She wants

Fer­gu­son to fi­nally pay for all the evil she has caused. Bea knows she has to stay ahead of Fer­gu­son at ev­ery stage, but even she knows she is fight­ing a los­ing bat­tle. The fact is, Fer­gu­son has be­come so deeply en­trenched with Kaz and her gang that the once “most hated women” in the prison is now a pro­tected species. No mat­ter what lies Fer­gu­son spills, she knows what but­tons to push to get the gullible Kaz on side. Even the slight­est men­tion of a woman be­ing ter­ri­fied or as­saulted is enough to rile the dam­aged Kaz and get her on side. For Fer­gu­son, it is be­com­ing a lit­tle eas­ier ev­ery day to sway things her way. Fer­gu­son wants to cause an up­heaval and now wants to get Kaz to take over as Top Dog. There is a vac­uum brew­ing as Bea has been in­creas­ingly dis­tracted and has be­gun to lose the faith of many of the women — Fer­gu­son knows now is the time to strike.

She also knows her arch­neme­sis, cur­rent gov­er­nor Vera Ben­nett (Kate Atkin­son), has re­lied on Bea to keep the pris­on­ers in line. That is a power block Fer­gu­son would like to de­stroy to make sure that Went­worth de­scends into chaos and Vera is thrown out of her of­fice.

But that is a long-term goal, and it can wait. Get­ting rid of Bea is far more im­me­di­ate, and more within her grasp as Kaz’s men­tal state be­gins to de­te­ri­o­rate in the wake of bad news about her fu­ture.

Once a fan of Bea, Kaz has been fed such a con­stant stream of Joan’s poi­son and lies about the Top Dog that she now be­lieves ev­ery word. Kaz has be­gun to come around to her way of think­ing and agrees that Bea has to go.

So Joan strikes a deal with Kaz — and it is al­most too good to be true. Scores will be set­tled as Kaz agrees to take care of get­ting rid of the key ev­i­dence to be pre­sented at Joan’s trial, and in re­turn, Joan will make Bea Smith his­tory.


Joan (Pamela Rabe) has been drag­ging both Kaz and Doreen closer into her sphere. Women who once hated her are now her keen­est sup­port­ers. Kaz (Tammy Mac­In­tosh) comes around to Fer­gu­son’s way of think­ing and agrees that Bea has to go as Top Dog.

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