JULY 4-8

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Sus­pi­cious of ASH­LEY’s de­sire to hur­riedly marry off her and STITCH, ABBY is stunned when Stitch ad­mits that he and Ash­ley con­fessed their love for each other dur­ing the fire. Shat­tered, Abby con­sid­ers can­celling the wed­ding un­til Stitch and Ash­ley talk her around. Later, the stress causes Ash­ley to col­lapse un­con­scious.

JACK plans a press con­fer­ence to short-circuit VIC­TOR’s law­suit but Vic­tor steps in and pub­licly calls Jack’s bluff, forc­ing him and the fam­ily to ac­cept his de­mands for an out-of-court set­tle­ment. The deal plunges Jabot to­wards bank­ruptcy and Jack an­grily sacks BILLY from the busi­ness in a des­per­ate at­tempt to save his fam­ily’s le­gacy.

Out­raged by NOAH’s ac­tions, LUCA orders Vic­tor to teach Noah a les­son for re­port­ing his fam­ily to the Feds. Vic­tor ex­plodes at Noah for jeop­ar­dis­ing the chance to res­ur­rect New­man En­ter­prises while MARISA an­grily dumps him, hav­ing seen Luca in a new light in Spain. Anx­ious to make amends, Noah con­vinces Vic­tor to use him as a cor­po­rate spy to keep watch over Luca.

Billy gets into a drunken fist­fight with Stitch as he ar­gues with VIC­TO­RIA; CHELSEA is per­turbed by ADAM’s over­pro­tec­tive­ness of SAGE; Adam be­gins pay­ing Vic­tor for his free­dom; LILY con­sid­ers the state of her mar­riage; Billy wants to in­vest in KEVIN’s new busi­ness ven­ture; and HILARY begs DEVON to help her save NEIL from DR NEVILLE’s black­mail ef­forts.

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