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Gemma tries to im­press a top sur­geon at work, only to face his un­wanted ad­vances and bul­ly­ing.

In the face of the un­fair treat­ment, Gemma has two op­tions: keep quiet or risk her ca­reer by speak­ing out.

I t’s been a long, dif­fi­cult road for Gemma to be­come a doc­tor and now that she is one she’s been work­ing hard to prove her­self. With am­bi­tion and a car­ing na­ture, she is per­fect for her new ca­reer and has taken to it with gusto. Gemma wants to push it even fur­ther but it looks like a scorned col­league is about to thwart all her plans.

It all starts when St Michael’s Hospi­tal, where Gemma (Ju­lia Mor­ris) is an in­tern and Abi (Na­talie Saleeba) her su­per­vi­sor, gets a very spe­cial guest. Dr Ryan Zan­guard (John Adams) is an or­thopaedic sur­geon who is con­sid­ered a bit of a celebrity among the med­i­cal fra­ter­nity and every­one is thrilled to work with him.

None more so than Gemma — she is hop­ing Dr Zan­guard could help with her ap­pli­ca­tion for a pres­ti­gious med­i­cal place­ment in the US. A ref­er­ence from the highly re­garded sur­geon would help put her in the run­ning for the ex­cit­ing op­por­tu­nity.

It looks like Gemma might have her ref­er­ence in the bag when Dr Zan­guard takes a shine to her and ap­pears to be im­pressed with her work. But

that’s not all he’s im­pressed with as Dr Zan­guard makes a move and tries to be more than friendly with Gemma.

When Gemma, who, apart from be­ing a pro­fes­sional is also head over heels in love with her hus­band Lewis (Gary Sweet), re­jects Dr Zan­guard things start to get ugly. The spurned sur­geon chan­nels his em­bar­rass­ment and frus­tra­tion into a bul­ly­ing cam­paign against Gemma. In the face of the un­fair and hurt­ful treat­ment, Gemma has two op­tions: keep quiet or risk her ca­reer by speak­ing out.

While it doesn’t seem right that any­one should have to put up with bul­ly­ing, the re­al­ity is Gemma would be up against it mak­ing claims against some­one as cel­e­brated as Dr Zan­guard. There is also her bid for the US place­ment at risk and she doesn’t want to fail af­ter all she’s done to achieve her goals.

She only re­cently passed her fi­nal ex­ams to be­come a doc­tor af­ter putting her med­i­cal stud­ies on hold to raise Tilda (Madi­son Tor­res-Davy). Then when she did re­turn to work it was as a nurse and while it was a job she loved it wasn’t quite what she’d al­ways dreamed of do­ing.

And then once she moved into the in­tern­ship pro­gram, Gemma strug­gled with the other doc­tors think­ing she was get­ting spe­cial treat­ment be­cause of her friend­ship with Abi. Once they found a so­lu­tion to that prob­lem, Gemma then pushed her­self hard to prove she was more than ca­pa­ble of the pro­fes­sion, leav­ing Abi con­cerned Gemma could face burnout.

Now Gemma is in the groove and has found the bal­ance in her per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life that al­lows her to dream big­ger. Ready to think of how she can ad­vance her ca­reer, Gemma was keen to get some ex­pe­ri­ence through the med­i­cal place­ment in the US.

But now it seems her whole ca­reer could be at risk as she works out how to deal with Dr Zan­guard’s bul­ly­ing cam­paign with­out dam­ag­ing her pro­fes­sional prospects. Will Dr Zan­guard’s in­flu­ence de­stroy Gemma’s ca­reer?

Gemma (Ju­lia Mor­ris) needs the sup­port of Dr Zan­guard (John Adams) but in­stead he ha­rasses her.


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