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Months of lies un­ravel as the re­al­i­ties about Sharon’s baby are ex­posed, on The Young and the Rest­less.

Liv­ing on bor­rowed time has char­ac­terised Sharon’s en­tire ex­is­tence over the last sev­eral months as she’s at­tempted to de­lay the truth about baby Sully’s true iden­tity from be­ing re­vealed to Nick. Ev­ery trick in Sharon’s arse­nal ap­pears ex­hausted now that Patty Williams — for­merly her fel­low men­tal in­sti­tu­tion pa­tient — has con­tacted her with the dra­matic in­ten­tion of drop­ping the baby bomb­shell to Dylan and Nick, the two men who have bonded with Sully/Chris­tian.

Ter­ri­fied of Patty’s (Stacy Haiduk) re­lent­less taunts, Sharon (Sharon Case) fi­nally agrees to help Patty es­cape from the hospi­tal in or­der to stop her re­veal­ing that Sully is Chris­tian, Nick and Sage’s son, who Dr An­der­son stole from them to give to Sharon months ear­lier.

At Patty’s mercy, Sharon cor­rupts Mariah (Cam­ryn Grimes) into help­ing her de­stroy the stolen phone Patty used to call her be­fore Dylan (Steve Burton), who’s been in­ves­ti­gat­ing the theft, traces it back to her.

With Sharon’s stress lev­els mount­ing, Mariah sug­gests that her mother just tell the truth but, afraid of los­ing Dylan, Sharon plots to ban­ish Patty from Genoa City and erase the threat she poses to her. Us­ing Mariah as her mes­sen­ger, Sharon ma­nip­u­lates Patty into ramp­ing up her in­sane ac­tions to en­able her to trans­fer to an­other fa­cil­ity far away, dur­ing which time she’ll help her es­cape, a promise she has no in­ten­tion of keep­ing. How­ever, the plan fails, thanks to Patty’s in­com­pre­hen­si­ble re­ac­tion, which sparks more prob­lems for Sharon.

Vis­it­ing his sis­ter, Paul (Doug David­son) is

per­plexed to find the draw­ing of a preg­nant Sharon that she’s made and soon ques­tions his daugh­ter-in-law about the ori­gins of it. Play­ing dumb, Sharon works to sever the bond be­tween Nick and Chris­tian, hop­ing that dis­tance will quell any sus­pi­cion that Nick de­vel­ops about the boy be­ing his son. Nick may be pla­cated for now but there’s no stop­ping Paul from dig­ging for the truth.

Gen­tly in­ter­ro­gat­ing Patty about her ex­pe­ri­ences at Fairview, Paul soon de­duces that un­cov­er­ing the re­la­tion­ship be­tween Sharon and the odd Dr An­der­son is the key to the truth, when Patty gets ag­i­tated about both women and whis­pers that she draws her se­crets. Nat­u­rally, Sharon freaks out, es­pe­cially when Paul has Patty trans­ferred to River­crest Psy­chi­atric Hospi­tal, hop­ing that her man­ner and men­tal clar­ity will im­prove. In­stead, an an­gry Patty de­mands to see Sharon and quickly la­bels her a liar, con­fus­ing Dylan who’s stunned to soon learn that Sharon shares Patty’s se­crets and lies.

Un­for­tu­nately, Patty is un­able to make Dylan un­der­stand what she’s try­ing to tell him and in her angst, she man­ages to con­tact Nick, fi­nally blurt­ing out: “There’s some­thing you need to know. Chris­tian is alive. Sharon has him!” Fate­fully, Nick is com­pelled to fol­low up on the story and forces con­fir­ma­tion out of a shaken and guilty Sharon. Hor­ri­fied to hear that Sharon has kept his child from him and how she was re­spon­si­ble for Sage’s death, Nick rages that he’s tak­ing Chris­tian out of her clutches. Over the en­su­ing hours, Dylan learns the truth and Sharon is dis­traught.

How­ever, the truth also pits Dylan and Nick against each other. Cling­ing to “Sully”, Dylan is aghast when Nick phys­i­cally tries to re­move the baby from the house, spit­ting that he won’t let him take his son. Sharon watches anx­iously as Nick and Dylan promise to fight each other for cus­tody, painfully aware that no­body’s lives will be the same again.

Sharon feels shaken and guilty once the truth is re­vealed. Both Nick and Dylan are fu­ri­ous with her and now at war with each other, say­ing they will fight for the baby’s cus­tody. DYLAN Nick (Joshua Mor­row) (left) tries to take the baby as the drama also en­tan­gles (from left) Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), Dylan (Steve Burton) and Sharon (Sharon Case). PATTY PAUL

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