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With so many fin­gers of blame point­ing at him, Hunter reaches a dark place, on Home and Away.

There is a treach­er­ous storm brew­ing in Sum­mer Bay, and it’s al­most at the point of break­ing. And when it does even­tu­ally burst into a full squall, it’s al­most too dis­turb­ing to pre­dict how much dam­age will be done.

That storm is Hunter King (Scott Lee), and in up­com­ing episodes of Home and Away, he will turn the skies over Sum­mer Bay far darker when his moods and emo­tions take a turn for the worse.

For a young man who has spent the last few years work­ing over­time to pull his life into line and to change the bad ways of the past, Hunter is now on the verge of throw­ing it all away and turn­ing what is al­ready a bad sit­u­a­tion even worse.

Hunter is not happy with the way life is un­fold­ing right now in Sum­mer Bay. Noth­ing he does seems to work out and he is blamed for ev­ery­thing.

He has had to stand by and watch as the love of his life Olivia (Raechelle Banno) has found a last­ing love with Ma­son (Or­pheus Pledger). Since Olivia broke up with him, it has be­come a case of Hunter not be­ing able to live with her, but also not be­ing able to live with­out her. In re­cent weeks, he has be­come in­creas­ingly un­set­tled and trou­bled by Olivia’s new ro­mance, not sure what to do about it and also not sure how to han­dle his many con­flicted emo­tions.

And things are not about to get any bet­ter in the near fu­ture. Hunter has never had the emo­tional in­tel­li­gence to know what to do when he has felt trou­bled, or how to ex­press his deep­est feel­ings. At the mo­ment, he is like a walk­ing time bomb; it’s just a mat­ter of time and dra­mas be­fore

he goes off and does some­thing that will take down every­one around him.

Right now, Hunter has plenty to feel ag­i­tated about, and at a time when he needs real friends sur­round­ing him, he feels less ac­cepted than ever by the folks in Sum­mer Bay.

He is still reel­ing from the ac­cu­sa­tions that it was he who was re­spon­si­ble for the dev­as­tat­ing inferno that swept through the Bay and put the town at se­ri­ous risk. No mat­ter how much he protested his in­no­cence, no one would be­lieve him, even though it was John Palmer (Shane Withing­ton) who was ac­tu­ally re­spon­si­ble for light­ing the blaze.

Hunter was also shat­tered to learn it was Evie (Philippa North­east) who told Con­sta­ble Kat (Pia Miller) that Hunter had dis­ap­peared be­fore the fire took hold, and seemed the most likely cul­prit be­hind the crime. Hunter thought he and Evie were friends, but he now feels be­trayed, as this is not the way friends treat each other.

This is also the sec­ond time that Hunter has been blamed for John’s bizarre be­hav­iour, as it was John who started the small fire at the car­a­van park. When the po­lice sus­pected Hunter, he found he had to fight to clear his name un­til John fi­nally con­fessed he had started it ac­ci­den­tally.

Not that Hunter’s way with a naked flame in the past has made him al­ways in­no­cent. Not long af­ter ar­riv­ing in Sum­mer Bay a few years back, he was so over­come with fury about his es­tranged dad Zac (Char­lie Clausen) that he set fire to the Pat­ter­son house. It was a dra­matic act, but then again, Hunter is not one to do any­thing by half mea­sures.

Which is why he is such a dan­ger­ous man walk­ing right now, ca­pa­ble of det­o­nat­ing at any time. There is so much he is an­gry about, it could take the small­est sit­u­a­tion to set him off.

The spark that is sure to do that will con­cern Olivia. While he did let her go, he is se­cretly cer­tain she is his soul­mate and they be­long to­gether. And now that Olivia’s re­la­tion­ship with Ma­son is go­ing from strength to strength, it is eat­ing Hunter away. When Ma­son re­cently warned him to stay away from Olivia, Hunter was stunned and aghast that Ma­son thought he had any right to dis­cuss Olivia with him, let alone ac­cuse him of be­ing a risk to her safety.

With all the walls around him clos­ing in, Hunter feels he has so few friends left to turn to at a time when he needs wise coun­sel more than ever. He even wishes he had a bet­ter re­la­tion­ship with Zac, but that is some­thing they both seem to have given up on lately.

Which leaves Hunter alone, sad and worst of all, very an­gry — and that is not a good com­bi­na­tion. He is grow­ing in­creas­ingly dis­con­tented with how his life in Sum­mer Bay has turned out, and that even af­ter years of try­ing to put his best foot for­ward, he is still seen as the bad boy of the Bay.

Some­thing has to give, and for Hunter, it’s just a mat­ter of time. At a stage when peo­ple are aban­don­ing him and leav­ing him to his own de­vices, what they re­ally should be do­ing is get­ting him to talk about what is re­ally go­ing on in his in­ner world.

But by the time any­one re­alises how dark his world has be­come, it could all be too late for Hunter — and for a num­ber of them, ac­tu­ally.

Now that Olivia’s re­la­tion­ship with Ma­son is go­ing from strength to strength, it is eat­ing Hunter away.

HOME AND AWAY ON SEVEN De­spite an of­ten cheer­ful fa­cade, Hunter (Scott Lee) is deeply trou­bled. He’s sad that Olivia’s now with Ma­son and feels that peo­ple al­ways ac­cuse him of act­ing badly when things go wrong.



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