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Sharon is dev­as­tated when Dy­lan, the only per­son keep­ing her sane, walks out on their mar­riage, on The Young and the Rest­less.

Adopt­ing his new iden­tity of Derek Young, Dy­lan learns he’s to tar­get a min­der named Fisk (Scott Speiser) be­fore giv­ing Sharon his wed­ding ring and leav­ing, ter­ri­fy­ing her about hav­ing no con­tact with her hus­band. While Paul (Doug Davidson) stews over his son’s safety and fends off Sharon’s de­mands to let her talk to Dy­lan, a dis­guised Dy­lan soon en­coun­ters dan­ger in Mi­ami.

Meet­ing with Fisk’s co­hort, Dy­lan is stunned to see that Alex (Jess Webb) is a fe­male op­er­a­tive. She’s flir­ta­tious and wants Dy­lan to snort co­caine with her. He tries to dis­tract her but she pulls him into bed un­til he de­mands to meet Fisk. She com­plies, only for Dy­lan to find him­self held at gun­point by a burly hench­man. He’s grate­ful when Alex saves him from jeop­ardy.

Un­for­tu­nately, Sharon’s ner­vous­ness could soon be Dy­lan’s un­do­ing. Se­cretly find­ing a burner phone that the po­lice are us­ing to keep track of Dy­lan, Sharon phones him, only for Alex to an­swer. Sharon is as­tounded and hangs up, prompt­ing Alex to in­ter­ro­gate Dy­lan about the woman.

Ly­ing that the woman is his boss’s as­sis­tant Amanda, Dy­lan is forced to have sex with Alex to throw her off Sharon’s scent. Re­gret­ting it, Dy­lan alerts Paul to “Christine’s” breach of con­tract but upon re­al­is­ing that the woman caller was Sharon, Paul raves that she has put her hus­band’s life in grave dan­ger.

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