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A treach­er­ous traitor lurks in the midst of Washington’s most pow­er­ful po­lit­i­cal play­ers, some­one who was in­stru­men­tal in the mur­der of Pres­i­dent-Elect Frankie Var­gas. So far, the ex­act truth has eluded Olivia and her team and it’s not un­til she has a stunning en­counter with Jake that the sit­u­a­tion be­comes clearer.

Shocked by Jake’s con­fes­sion that he was paid to mur­der Var­gas’s staffer Jen­nifer Fields in a cabin ex­plo­sion, Olivia is fur­ther rat­tled to see that the mur­der was faked. Jen­nifer is alive at a safe house. Sud­denly, Olivia re­alises who killed Var­gas and con­fronts the per­pe­tra­tor who de­nies ev­ery­thing, in­stead claim­ing to have been black­mailed into the crime.

Nev­er­the­less, Olivia wants re­venge and or­ders Huck to carry out the hit. Fate­fully, the killing is de­railed by the killer’s rev­e­la­tion that a traitor is present among Olivia’s ranks. Shaken by the news, Huck searches for the per­son, driv­ing him­self to ex­treme lengths to flush out the mole. In do­ing so, two peo­ple end up riddled with gun­shot wounds!

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