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It’s crunch time for Lola and Chelsea and as their en­e­mies zero in they must draw on their strengths.

Life on the run has been tough for Lola and Chelsea but at least they’ve been to­gether. If ei­ther were bat­tling cor­rupt cops and crim­i­nals alone nei­ther would still be alive.

Now the women are pre­par­ing to turn the ta­bles on their pur­suers who have

tracked them to New Zealand. It will take ev­ery­thing they have to end this chaotic pe­riod of their lives and with en­e­mies ev­ery­where the only peo­ple they can trust are each other.

There are so many peo­ple after Lola (Rebecca Gib­ney) and Chelsea (Geral­dine Hakewill) right now so the stakes are high. Mor­ri­son (An­thony Phe­lan) has been hunt­ing them down in his des­per­ate search to get back the gun he used 30 years ago in a hor­rific crime. It is ev­i­dence he’s been ea­ger to get rid of for decades and the women have been get­ting in the way.

Also keen to get rid of the women are the men Lola’s son David (Charles Cot­tier) owes money to. He’s been in and out of Bangkok when not work­ing on boats and rack­ing up a huge gam­bling debt in the process. Like Mor­ri­son, these men don’t hes­i­tate to kill when they don’t get what they want and they won’t stop un­til the debt has been cleared.

Then there are the po­lice. Along the way Chelsea and Lola have com­mit­ted a num­ber of crimes just to sur­vive but the po­lice are also in­ter­ested in them for other mat­ters.

De­tec­tive Josh Levine (Stephen Pea­cocke) is now in New Zealand after his fail­ure to get Chelsea to help him with a po­lice cor­rup­tion in­ves­ti­ga­tion. He’s keen to get an­swers from her and still won­der­ing why Chelsea is stick­ing by Lola’s side.

But as Josh teams up with the lo­cal po­lice and the crime rate spikes, con­fu­sion mounts over just what the women are in­volved in and whether they are at fault. But the longer Lola and Chelsea are on the run the more sus­pi­cious they look.

So it’s up to Lola and Chelsea to sort out the mess them­selves. They will risk ev­ery­thing to put an end to this mad­ness and es­cape the peo­ple threat­en­ing their lives.

It’s a fight that is tak­ing them deep into the heart of New Zealand’s wild land­scape. They will be lean­ing on each other more than ever and re­al­is­ing just how for­tu­nate they are to have each other amidst all their bad luck.

That’s be­cause Lola and Chelsea are the epit­ome of an un­likely al­liance. They may have shared the same bus ride to work ev­ery day but they couldn’t be more dif­fer­ent. The only rea­son they are friends now is be­cause they sur­vived a car­jack­ing to­gether.

Lola is the tougher of the two and has been driv­ing their sur­vival mis­sion from the start, thanks to her street-smarts. Chelsea pro­vides the brains in the op­er­a­tion and is re­al­is­ing a strength she never knew ex­isted through this ex­pe­ri­ence.

But there is one thing the women share in com­mon and that’s a dif­fi­cult past. They both had tough child­hoods that have come back to haunt them along the way, forc­ing them to con­front the past while fight­ing for their fu­ture.

If they stick to­gether and draw on their com­bined skills they might just be able to free them­selves from Mor­ri­son’s grip and the po­lice’s in­ter­est. But any hope they have of fin­ish­ing this thing once and for all could be threat­ened by a be­trayal they never saw com­ing.

WANTED MON­DAYS AT 8.40PM ON SEVEN Lola (Rebecca Gib­ney) (left) and Chelsea (Geral­dine Hakewill) have been pur­sued deep into New Zealand’s wild coun­try.

De­tec­tive Josh Levine (Stephen Pea­cocke) (left) wants to get an­swers from Chelsea and can’t un­der­stand why she’s stuck by Lola. These men don’t hes­i­tate to kill ... and they won’t stop un­til the debt has been cleared.

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