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Sis­ters Nina and Bil­lie’s fear about the fu­ture begs the ques­tion: Are they al­ways un­lucky in love?

T he Proud­man sis­ters have al­ways strug­gled in the ro­mance depart­ment and this time is no dif­fer­ent. Nina’s happiness with Harry might not be enough to sur­vive the many chal­lenges threat­en­ing to come their way.

And Bil­lie’s (Kat Ste­wart) mar­riage to Mick (Ed­die Per­fect) con­tin­ues to be a long-dis­tance ar­range­ment. The pres­sures of this sit­u­a­tion could push their re­la­tion­ship to breaking point as Bil­lie en­ters a new phase of her life without her muso hubby.

For Nina (Asher Ked­die), Harry (Alexan­der Eng­land) was a love that came out of the blue and more like hate at first sight. When Harry en­tered Nina’s life he was man­ag­ing the PR cri­sis that emerged after a vi­ral video threw the hospi­tal into dis­re­pute.

Harry un­set­tled the ca­sual and quirky at­mos­phere of St Fran­cis Hospi­tal by pro­mot­ing more pro­fes­sional be­hav­iour. Nina was con­fronted by Harry’s ap­proach, which seemed like an at­tack on her friends. But Harry was just do­ing his job and when the dust set­tled she re­alised that.

Soon after, a slow-burn­ing ro­mance emerged as Harry pur­sued a ner­vous Nina who was still cling­ing tightly on to her late part­ner Pa­trick (Matthew Le Nevez). Even­tu­ally Nina de­cided to let go of the past and jump head first into an un­cer­tain fu­ture with the dash­ing cri­sis con­sul­tant Harry.

Now they are in the bliss­ful throes of new love. But just how long the good times will last is any­one’s guess be­cause Nina has a ten­dency to get in the way of her own happiness.

Anx­i­eties, fears and her ex­tra­or­di­nary abil­ity to catas­trophise could wreck what might oth­er­wise be a long and suc­cess­ful ro­mance.

How­ever, the threats to their re­la­tion­ship aren’t just those cre­ated in Nina’s mind. There are so many other fac­tors at play here. Of most im­por­tance is where Nina’s daugh­ter Zoe (Is­abella Mon­aghan) fits in all of this. The tod­dler is grow­ing up fast and in­trigued by the new man in her mum’s life.

But Zoe is first pri­or­ity for Nina. She needs to put her lit­tle girl’s wel­fare be­fore Harry and some­times that might mean putting her re­la­tion­ship sec­ond. While Harry un­der­stands, there may come a time when he is no longer happy par­tic­i­pat­ing from the side­lines.

What may hap­pen is that Harry will want to take a more ac­tive role in Zoe’s life if things with Nina get se­ri­ous. This will pose quite a dilemma for Nina who al­ready suf­fered a great heart­break when Pa­trick died, which left her rais­ing Zoe alone.

What if she was to let Harry be­come a per­ma­nent fix­ture in their life only for things to end sud­denly? Nina wouldn’t only be nurs­ing her own shat­tered heart but Zoe’s as well. This is a pain she will want to shield her daugh­ter from ever ex­pe­ri­enc­ing.

So Nina will be con­flicted over what re­la­tion­ship Zoe has with Harry in this early stage of the re­la­tion­ship. There are so many things that could de­stroy Nina and Harry’s ro­mance but it’s her sis­ter Bil­lie’s love life that we should prob­a­bly be more wor­ried about.

Bil­lie and Mick have been liv­ing on op­po­site sides of the globe for some time now while Mick pur­sues his mu­sic ca­reer. And this sit­u­a­tion doesn’t look like chang­ing any time soon. Bil­lie is com­mit­ted to life in Mel­bourne, with a new house, new ca­reer and new role car­ing for trou­bled teen Brody (Shan­non Berry) as well as Brody’s new­born son.

In many ways Bil­lie is liv­ing the life she al­ways dreamed of. She is a mother fig­ure to Brody and her baby, which ful­fils her long-stand­ing de­sire to be a par­ent. Bil­lie is also kick­ing goals ca­reer-wise, find­ing her niche with a re­cruit­ment firm, where she is mak­ing use of her brash and for­ward na­ture.

She still loves Mick dearly but their lives are just head­ing in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions and they don’t want the same things. Both are liv­ing their dreams — the prob­lem is those am­bi­tions just don’t in­volve each other. And Bil­lie might soon come to the re­al­i­sa­tion that Mick is not com­ing home and it’s time to move on without him.

Bil­lie’s fu­ture may in­stead lie in a dif­fer­ent kind of love and as dev­as­tat­ing as that will be to ad­mit — it’s the truth. While Bil­lie comes to grips with whether she can carry on a mar­riage from the other side of the world, Nina must also face let­ting Harry fully into her life or they will both face heart­break.

Bil­lie might soon come to the re­al­i­sa­tion that Mick is not com­ing home and it’s time to move on without him.


Nina (Asher Ked­die) and Harry (Alexan­der Eng­land) are in love but un­cer­tain of the fu­ture. MICK Bil­lie (Kat Ste­wart) has been liv­ing in Mel­bourne while Mick (Ed­die Per­fect) pur­sues his mu­sic in the UK. Are they go­ing too far in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions?

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