torn Young lovers apart

Elena and Ed fight for their love — as fam­ily, tra­di­tion and the state threaten to de­stroy their chance at happiness


Her brother Marco will take her to marry Paolo, a man her fam­ily has promised her to.

While the men and women of Kings Cross Hospi­tal deal with heart­break after heart­break, one love story has con­tin­ued to defy ex­pec­ta­tions. Ital­ian im­mi­grant Elena and her Aus­tralian beau Ed are de­ter­mined to be to­gether but the odds are against them.

Elena (Danielle Catan­zariti), one of the Stan­ton House girls, will soon give birth and be forced to hand her baby over to the State. When she does, her brother Marco (Jerome Velin­sky) will take her to marry Paolo (David Soncin), a man her fam­ily has promised her to, in order to clear a mas­sive debt.

That is far from what Elena wants. The shy teenager wishes to be with Ed (Travis Jef­fery), who she met on her voy­age from Italy to Aus­tralia. They had fallen so madly in love on the ship hat by the time Elena ar­rived in Syd­ney she was preg­nant.

Marco has agreed to go along with the lie that Elena has tu­ber­cu­lo­sis and can’t marry Paolo un­til she is well again. So as far as Paolo is con­cerned his be­trothed is just re­cu­per­at­ing and will soon be his wife.

But that won’t hap­pen if Elena and Ed have their way. Ed has al­ready tried to stop the ar­ranged mar­riage go­ing ahead by try­ing to come up with enough money for Elena’s par­ents, the Capo­bian­cos, to pay back their debt without sell­ing off their daugh­ter.

Ed lit­er­ally fought for their love by tak­ing part in an un­der­ground match in which he bet on him­self.

He won and was well on his way to ac­quir­ing the nec­es­sary funds when he was hit

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