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Ni­cole breaks the news to Zende who re­fuses to be­lieve that Ni­cole hav­ing more chil­dren will not hap­pen.

Life as lit­tle Lizzie’s aunt and un­cle has fi­nally mo­ti­vated an over­joyed Ni­cole and Zende to try to con­ceive a child of their own. And buoyed by his dream of fa­ther­hood, Zende also de­cides to pur­sue his pro­fes­sional dream of be­com­ing a fash­ion de­signer. How­ever, an ini­tial set­back may also be an omi­nous sign of things to come.

Proudly dis­play­ing his de­sign sketches for St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) and Thomas’s (Pier­son Fode) pe­rusal, Zende (Rome Flynn) is crushed when they re­ject him, telling him he’s a novice and they have no time to train him due to the re­cent theft they en­dured.

Em­bit­tered, Zende feels he’ll never be ac­cepted as a For­rester when­ever he’s ac­tu­ally a Dominguez and he ca­su­ally can­vasses other ways to ful­fil his de­sign dreams. Nev­er­the­less, Ni­cole (Reign Ed­wards) knows her hus­band’s heart lies at For­rester Cre­ations and dis­tracts him with love­mak­ing to con­ceive a baby.

Soon though, Ni­cole’s fail­ure to fall preg­nant quickly wor­ries her and, buoyed by Zende’s plea not to get dis­cour­aged, she takes an­other preg­nancy test. The re­sult is neg­a­tive, mo­ti­vat­ing Ni­cole to ar­range for fer­til­ity tests.

Babysit­ting Lizzie while Rick (Ja­cob Young) and Maya (Karla Mosley) are on an over­seas busi­ness trip only fu­els Ni­cole’s de­sire for moth­er­hood and she’s filled with con­fi­dence and hope as she vis­its Dr Cas­pary (Jac­que­line Hahn) for her con­sul­ta­tion. Based on Ni­cole’s symp­toms of missed pe­ri­ods, dif­fi­cul­ties in con­ceiv­ing and re­cent pelvic pain, Cas­pary runs tests and soon re­ports that Ni­cole is suf­fer­ing from uter­ine scar­ring and amen­or­rhea (an ab­nor­mal ab­sence of men­strual pe­ri­ods), con­di­tions which may pre­vent Ni­cole from con­ceiv­ing again.

Dev­as­tated, Ni­cole yells

that the di­ag­no­sis is “un­ac­cept­able” be­cause she can’t be in­fer­tile.

De­spite Cas­pary’s re­as­sur­ances that no­body is med­i­cally con­sid­ered to be in­fer­tile un­til after a year of un­pro­tected sex without con­cep­tion, Ni­cole tear­fully protests, say­ing that she gave birth to Lizzie and gave her away. “That can’t be my only shot, Doc­tor,” Ni­cole pleads, as she wres­tles with breaking the news to Zende.

Mean­while, a clue­less Zende fi­nally ful­fils one of his dreams when Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and St­effy re­con­sider the com­pany’s po­si­tion after Ridge fires Thomas for bail­ing out Spec­tra Fash­ions. Shocked to be of­fered the de­signer’s job, Zende en­thu­si­as­ti­cally ac­cepts and rushes off to cel­e­brate with Ni­cole.

At home, Ni­cole strug­gles with her emo­tions as she cra­dles Lizzie, hop­ing that Dr Cas­pary’s di­ag­no­sis is just a ter­ri­ble mis­take. After a re­as­sur­ing talk with her par­ents who vow to get sec­ond opin­ions and the best spe­cial­ists for her, Ni­cole breaks the news to Zende who re­fuses to be­lieve that Ni­cole hav­ing more chil­dren will never hap­pen.

He also echoes the be­lief ex­pressed by Julius (Obba Ba­batunde) that her sis­ter’s baby won’t be the only child she’ll have. Dry­ing his wife’s tears, Zende calls her an an­gel who isn’t go­ing to have any more doubts or fears. They are go­ing to have their fam­ily, he in­sists.

De­spite their son-in­law’s con­fi­dence, Julius and Vivi­enne (Anna Maria Hors­ford) can’t be as pos­i­tive as they con­sider the ram­i­fi­ca­tions of Ni­cole’s pos­si­ble in­fer­til­ity.

Ag­i­tated as Julius rants about the “in­jus­tice” of Ni­cole giv­ing up the only child she may be able to have, Vivi­enne chal­lenges her hus­band’s be­lief that Ni­cole’s in­fer­til­ity will haunt her and even­tu­ally de­stroy her mar­riage, telling him they will fight this ob­sta­cle as a fam­ily.

To prove her point, Vivi­enne ac­com­pa­nies her daugh­ter to see an­other spe­cial­ist, Dr March (Kate Orsini) who sadly re­it­er­ates Cas­pary’s find­ings. Ni­cole’s uter­ine le­sions are se­vere and will be dif­fi­cult to treat. How­ever, her ovaries are still in­tact leav­ing sur­ro­gacy as a vi­able means of hav­ing a bi­o­log­i­cal child. She just won’t be able to carry an­other baby her­self.

Re­gard­less of the news, Ni­cole can’t ac­cept never be­ing able to have her own child. She clings tightly to Lizzie and looks at her in­tently, calling her “my lit­tle girl” as Vivi­enne is dis­turbed at the pos­si­ble con­se­quences of Ni­cole be­com­ing ob­sessed with the child.

Ni­cole (Reign Ed­wards) (right) can’t be­lieve the doc­tor’s words when she’s told she won’t be able to carry a child of her own. Her mother Vivi­enne (Anna Maria Hors­ford) (left) tries to com­fort her. Zende (Rome Flynn) in­sists that he and Ni­cole will...

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