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Di­vorce is sup­posed to the of­fi­cial con­fir­ma­tion of the end of all ro­man­tic feel­ings that ex­ist be­tween per­ma­nently es­tranged spouses but on the day that Devon and Hi­lary Hamil­ton’s mar­riage is legally sev­ered, resid­ual pas­sion threat­ens to over­whelm the sad­dened pair.

Un­able to ig­nore Devon’s (Bry­ton James) ac­ci­den­tal phys­i­cal con­tact with her out­side the court­house, Hi­lary (Mishael Mor­gan) can’t re­move her wed­ding ring. In­stead, she seeks sup­port from her TV au­di­ence, tak­ing to the air­waves on GC Buzz for an an­nounce­ment about her di­vorce, how she’s to blame for the mar­i­tal fail­ure and how she in­tends to learn and grow from her mis­takes be­fore tak­ing off her ring live to air. With Devon watch­ing be­hind the scenes it’s also ap­par­ent that Hi­lary hopes her sin­cer­ity will win back his af­fec­tions.

Reaf­firm­ing that in­ten­tion, Hi­lary pub­licly de­clares Devon’s new girl­friend Mariah (Cam­ryn Grimes) a “re­bound ro­mance” and jeal­ously stares at them as they kiss. Con­fronting Hi­lary’s at­ti­tude, Mariah steams as Hi­lary hisses, “I know what Devon likes, and honey, it ain’t you!” Ad­ding in­sult to in­jury, Hi­lary trashes Mariah on live TV, gos­sip­ing that Mariah thinks she’s in a ro­mance but is ac­tu­ally stuck in the “friend zone”.

Hit­ting back, Mariah en­joys a ro­man­tic evening with Devon as Hi­lary takes refuge at the Hamil­ton pent­house, swept away in a painful whirlpool of mem­o­ries from her mar­riage. Sud­denly, her reverie is in­ter­rupted by a pas­sion­ate Devon and Mariah who make love on the stair­case as an un­seen Hi­lary watches in tears.

The next morn­ing, Hi­lary is dev­as­tated to see Mariah wear­ing her dress that Hi­lary left at the pent­house and screeches in pain that Mariah can­not take ev­ery­thing she owns, in­clud­ing her man.

Re­act­ing to Mariah’s scorn­ful laugh, Hi­lary lunges to rip the dress off Mariah’s back and a bru­tal cat­fight erupts as the women scratch and scream at each other on the floor of the

GC Buzz stu­dios. Af­ter­wards, Hi­lary at­tacks Devon for giv­ing her clothes to his new lover and yells that it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter be­cause she’s hav­ing great sex with Jor­dan (Dar­nell Kirk­wood).

Em­bar­rassed to see that Jor­dan has over­heard the re­marks, Hi­lary with­ers when he ac­cuses her of treat­ing him like a piece of meat. He won’t be used like a prop and walks out, say­ing the fire be­tween them has been ex­tin­guished.

Rat­tled by the re­jec­tion, Hi­lary scram­bles to re­pair the dam­age, en­thu­si­as­ti­cally fo­cus­ing her at­ten­tions on Jor­dan as she joins him on a Hol­ly­wood ex­cur­sion. She’s des­per­ately hop­ing that the bright lights of LA will re­vive her pas­sion for Jor­dan and help her con­cen­trate on her ca­reer am­bi­tions as she fights to for­get about Devon once and for all.

Hi­lary de­clares Mariah a "re­bound ro­mance". "I know what Devon likes, and honey, it ain't you!''

From the mo­ment Nikki saw Tessa Porter singing out­side Crimson Lights and hired her to be her grand­son Reed’s mu­sic tu­tor she has felt a deep affin­ity with the mys­te­ri­ous young woman who re­minds her of what she used to be like in her lean years, be­fore Vic­tor found her and trans­formed her life.

Dis­cov­er­ing that Tessa was scrimp­ing to make ends meet like Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) did when she was a strip­per at The Bayou night­club, Nikki wasted no time in em­ploy­ing the girl to be her per­sonal as­sis­tant, hop­ing to change her life too.

Set­tling into her new po­si­tion, Tessa (Cait Fair­banks) can’t hide her en­thu­si­asm for the wealth that surrounds her nor her in­trigue about Nikki’s of­ten scan­dalous and volatile past. She also finds a friend in Sharon (Sharon Case) who knows what it’s like to be a New­man out­sider and warns her to be care­ful around Vic­tor (Eric Brae­den). Tak­ing the ad­vice, Tessa be­friends Nick (Joshua Mor­row) and ex­cit­edly babysits Chris­tian, ca­su­ally men­tion­ing that she used to look after her own lit­tle brother.

The men­tion of fam­ily is a small in­sight into Tessa’s past as is her nat­u­ral in­cli­na­tion for mu­sic, some­thing which Nikki en­cour­ages by get­ting her in­volved in per­form­ing at The Un­der­ground.

Noah (Robert Adam­son) ap­pre­ci­ates the fresh young face and con­spires with Tessa to have Nikki join her on stage for a pi­ano-play­ing duet. It’s just the mo­ment Tessa needs to so­lid­ify her po­si­tion in the New­man house­hold es­pe­cially when she takes an up­set­ting phone call telling an uniden­ti­fied per­son that she will fix their hor­ri­ble sit­u­a­tion.

Watch­ing Tessa closely, Nikki soon dis­cov­ers that she’s sleep­ing rough in her car. Tak­ing pity, Nikki in­vites her to live at the ranch, much to Vic­tor’s dis­sat­is­fac­tion as he protests hav­ing a "strange stray" liv­ing un­der his roof. No­body re­ally knows the girl or what she truly wants from them so they shouldn’t trust her, Vic­tor claims, but Nikki shuns his op­po­si­tion.

How­ever, Vic­tor may be right in his trep­i­da­tion about Tessa

Mariah (Cam­ryn Grimes) and Devon (Bry­ton James) en­joy their new ro­mance, de­spite Hi­lary's ill-will. But they have no idea she's watch­ing them dur­ing in­ti­mate mo­ments.


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