Hearts on the line


Dr Frankie Bell (Claire van der Boom) Close to death, Frankie’s life was saved by a kid­ney trans­plant. Ever since then she quit her high-fly­ing pro­fes­sional job to be­come a doc­tor and pay it for­ward. She is de­ter­mined to work in the re­nal ward with the man who gave her a sec­ond chance, Pro­fes­sor Chad Berger. But Frankie’s ex­pe­ri­ence leads her to be a bit too in­vested in her pa­tients and keep­ing her trans­plant a se­cret is dif­fi­cult.

Dr Lou Tan­nis (an­drea deme­tri­ades)

Warm and en­thu­si­as­tic, Lou wants to be a sur­geon and she’s got the tal­ent and brains for it but strug­gles to keep her emo­tions in check when faced with a tough men­tor. Lou ends up risk­ing every­thing when she starts hav­ing an af­fair with her boss. She is best friends with Frankie. Prof Chad Berger (owen teale) Berger is in a dif­fi­cult po­si­tion. He has to keep Frankie’s trans­plant a se­cret, while also treat­ing her as a pa­tient and be­ing her boss and men­tor. He has a Welsh back­ground and uses an un­ortho­dox ap­proach to treat­ing his pa­tients and will break the rules to give them the best care. Dr Eli Nader (liam mCin­tyre) Nader well and truly has his guard up and comes across as prickly and un­for­giv­ing but that could all be from a trau­matic event in the past. He’s just re­turned from a war zone and while he is eas­ily an­noyed at Frankie’s sen­si­tive ap­proach there is some chem­istry spark­ing be­tween them.

Dr Mag­gie Cut­ter (susie Porter)

She is a top sur­geon with a tough na­ture and blunt man­ner. Cut­ter has given every­thing to gain the ca­reer and rep­u­ta­tion she has. Lou wants to be men­tored by her but Cut­ter is putting her through the ringer in or­der to earn her re­spect. Dr Tabb Pa­tel (arka das) He’s house­mates with Lou and Frankie and an in­tern at the hospi­tal. Tabb has a sweet na­ture and a cheeky side that wins him friends but won’t al­ways help on the hospi­tal floor. Filled with self-doubt, Tabb strug­gles to find con­fi­dence given how of­ten things go wrong when he’s around. Dr Tanya Kalchuri (Pallavi sharda) Tanya is a re­nal regis­trar and while she is am­bi­tious of her own ac­cord she is also fac­ing fam­ily pres­sure to suc­ceed in medicine. She be­lieves Frankie to be com­pe­ti­tion at work and is sus­pi­cious of the rap­port be­tween Frankie and Berger, to the point where she as­sumes they are sleep­ing to­gether.

Dr Rowan Mitri (Bless­ing mok­gohloa)

Mitri has a god-like sta­tus in the sur­gi­cal de­part­ment. He’s known for get­ting what he wants and doesn’t like to be chal­lenged. His charisma catches Lou’s eye and the pair have a fling that could put Lou’s ca­reer in jeop­ardy. But Mitri might end up be­ing the one in the firing line be­cause cava­lier at­ti­tudes of­ten lead to costly mis­takes.

Dr Ru­pert Steele (daliP sondhi)

He is the head of medicine at City West hospi­tal, which makes him every­one’s boss. Steele likes tra­di­tion, rules and pro­to­col and while he is pas­sion­ate about pa­tients the re­al­i­ties of his job mean administration is his re­luc­tant fo­cus.

Carol Lit­tle (Penny Cook)

Carol is the nurse unit man­ager who may come across as tough while giv­ing or­ders to her team but she will al­ways be there when they need help. Once you’ve earned Carol’s re­spect you will have her un­wa­ver­ing loy­alty.

Dr Mon­ica Lee (re­nee lim)

She was a sur­gi­cal trainee but switched to be­ing an anaes­thetist when she suf­fered burnout.

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