They might not have been at the party where Deimos died, but they all hated him none­the­less.

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(John Anis­ton) Old griev­ances over the afore­men­tioned He­lena are just the tip of the ice­berg to ex­plain Vic­tor’s ha­tred for his sib­ling. Since com­ing to Salem, Deimos has stripped Vic­tor of his for­tune, paral­ysed his beloved wife and run amok through the fam­ily. As many peo­ple know, Vic­tor isn’t afraid to spill some blood when it’s nec­es­sary.


(Thaao Pengh­lis) A ti­tanic clash be­tween th­ese two dodgy busi­ness­men has pit­ted them against each other, but are bat­tles over Or­wellian de­vices and cursed amulets enough for An­dre to kill? He’s a Ste­fano-trained lu­natic, but An­dre’s guilt ap­pears too ob­vi­ous.


(Suzanne Rogers) An in­no­cent vic­tim of the Kiri­akis broth­ers’ feud, Mag­gie didn’t fare well when Deimos switched her med­i­ca­tion for poi­sonous drugs, pre­cip­i­tat­ing her bat­tle with paral­y­sis when she plunged down the Kiri­akis man­sion stair­case. It would be a novel ap­proach for Mag­gie to have slipped into the party and knifed Deimos in a fit of rage.


(Lau­ren Koslow) The mur­der vic­tim’s for­mer fi­ancée didn’t waste any time turn­ing against him when Deimos blamed her for his neardrown­ing death in the river last year. From that mo­ment on, Kate has hated him, but would killing him re­ally be worth all the ef­fort?


(Nadia Bjor­lin) Orig­i­nally meeting Deimos as “Robert,” a charming guy in Chicago, Chloe re­newed her fling with him af­ter sav­ing him from drown­ing. Once she saw his true colours, she went to great lengths to keep Ni­cole and Holly away. Is she ca­pa­ble of mur­der?


(Jordi Vilasuso) Dario grew to hate Deimos for send­ing his fa­ther Ed­uardo to prison af­ter spend­ing most of his life hat­ing Ed­uardo for aban­don­ing him as a child. He could have killed Deimos to frame Chad and keep him from Abi­gail, hav­ing re­cently ad­mit­ted that he was at the party and pho­tographed Chad stand­ing over the corpse. But this pos­si­ble lie sounds too much like an easy fix to this mys­tery.

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