WHO is Gra­ham?

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Sus­pi­cion still sur­rounds DINA’s com­pan­ion GRA­HAM. While Dina’s chil­dren ad­just to his pres­ence in her life and GLORIA uses her se­duc­tive ef­forts to charm Gra­ham into re­veal­ing his in­ner se­crets, Dina has been drop­ping some strange tit­bits about him.

Be­queath­ing her es­tate to Gra­ham was shock­ing enough, but over time, Dina has ca­su­ally re­ferred to him as “fam­ily” and ex­pressed a need to re­pay him for what he’s done for her. More re­cently, she ac­ci­den­tally re­ferred to Jack as Gra­ham and then at­tacked JACK for some in­sin­u­a­tions he made about her. She’s also go­ing out of her way to form new bonds with her fam­ily and is pleased that they’re start­ing to like Gra­ham.

So, who is the silver-haired hunk? Gra­ham has al­ready con­fessed that he’s not Dina’s lover, carer or busi­ness part­ner and the more that tran­spires the more it be­gins to look like Gra­ham may be Dina’s son! At first glance, the idea seems un­likely, but much about Dina’s decades spent in Europe is still a mys­tery. She’s been mar­ried while over­seas and has had many lovers, all of whom could have fa­thered a se­cret child.

What if Dina gave the child away and then found Gra­ham years later and is now go­ing to great lengths to ap­pease her guilt over her aban­don­ment of him?


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